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Authors: Hai Ling Li, Lai Xiang Zhang, Xiao Ling Ding
Abstract: Research of ABS and PP were mixed design, preparation and formulation of gold for the production process, performance test. Discussed in PP - g - MAH as computerize of cases, in the process of ABS blended with PP, ABS/PP blend formulas and the determination of process parameters is analyzed. Through performance test and analysis different composition ratio of computerize on the ABS/PP alloy performance impact. Finally concluded that, in the ABS/PP/PP blend - g - MAH, when PP-g-MAH is 4, 16 for PP, the impact of the blend with good performance, thermal deformation temperature is increased.
Authors: Ming Tao Run, Meng Yao, Bing Tao Xing, Wen Zhou
Abstract: The rheology, morphology and mechanical properties of the PA6/PP-g-MAH/POE blends prepared by twin-screw extruder were studied by rheometer, scanning electron microscopy, universal tester and impact tester, respectively. The results suggest that the impact strength is improved by the POE acting as a toughening agent, while the compatibility of PA6 and POE is improved by the compatibilizer of PP-g-MAH. Furthermore, the PP-g-MAH component also acts as a reinforcing agent for decreasing the strength depression induced by the POE component. When POE content is about 9 wt% and PP-g-MAH content is about 10% in blends, the blend has the maximum tensile strength and impact strength. All melts of PA6/PP-g-MAH/POE blends are pseudo-plastic fluids. Both the POE and PP-g-MAH components can increase the apparent viscosity of the melt due to their facility of the linear molecular.
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