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Authors: O.K. Moune, C.K. Jayasankar, M.D. Faucher, A.M. Lejus
Authors: Kitipun Boonin, Warawut Sa-Ardsin, Jakrapong Kaewkhao
Abstract: Pr3+-doped Li2O – Gd2O3 – B2O3 glasses (LGBO glass) with the formula 60Li2O:10Gd2O3:(30-x)B2O3:xPrO3 were fabricated using melt quenching technique. The five glass samples with different concentrations of Pr2O3 were prepared under atmospheric pressure. The samples were investigated on their properties: absorption and photoluminescence. All absorption bands are increase with increasing of Pr3+ content. The emission spectra were measured with 446 nm light pumped by xenon lamp. The maximum luminescence intensity was observed at x = 0.50 mol% andthe CIE color coordinates showed the bluish purple emission light for this concentration.
Authors: Sébastien Chevalier, G. Bonnet, Günter Borchardt, J.C. Colson, Jean Pierre Larpin
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