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Authors: Ting Zhou Li, Xiao Qin Zhu, Xin Tao Zhou, Jing Hua Chang, Li Meng Chen, Liang Chen
Abstract: The accumulation of industrial waste residues is a serious problem with the continuous development of industrial productions during the recent years, how to use reasonably the industrial waste residues has gradually turned into an important research field in the world. Therefore, the research and development of porous ceramics synthesized by the industrial waste residues of fly ash, coal gangue and red mud etc as the raw materials were introduced, the present preparation technique and characteristics of the porous ceramics synthesized by the industrial waste residues were analyzed, and its further investigation was discussed.
Authors: S. Rani, S. Thanka Rajan, J. Shanthi, A. Ayeshamariam, M. Jayachandran
Abstract: CdSe and its Zn/In/suitable element doped films are very important interesting materials for the realization of electronic and photoelectronic devices for energy conversion. The growth of ternary In/Zn/Cd selenides opens up the possibility of their applications for novel opto-electronic devices in the visible region of electromagnetic radiation. The (CdZn)Se and (CdIn)Se systems enable a tunable band gap region between 1.72 and 2.82 eV at normal temperature facilitating the development of several new light emitting diodes, photo detectors, blue green lasers. Thin films of these materials are usually synthesized by molecular beam epitaxy, electron beam evaporation and chemical techniques. Many researchers have reported about these materials prepared by different techniques and their properties as well as their use in PEC cell fabrication mainly followed by other optoelectronic devices also. This review gives an account of all these data in a representative distributed manner so as to cover many decades of published papers in this ever green topic of energy conversion research.
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