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Authors: Richard H. Howell, K.P. Ziock, F. Magnotta, C.D. Dermer, R.A. Failor, K.M. Jones
Authors: D.T. Britton, D. Gxawu, A. Hempel, Marie France Barthe, L. Henry, P. Desgardin, C. Corbel, W. Bauer-Kugelmann, Peter Sperr, Gottfried Kögel, Werner Triftshäuser
Authors: Sergey Nikolaevich Grigoriev, Anton Evgenievich Seleznev
Abstract: It is proposed to use for synthesis of superhard and fracture tough nanocomposite coatings on dielectric products with deep cavities a source of metal atoms accompanied by pulsed beams of high-energy neutral gas molecules. Slow and fast particles are produced by one and the same plasma emitter of ions and trajectories of their movement from a common emissive grid to the product surface coincide.
Authors: B. Ghaffari, R.S. Conti, D.W. Gidley
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