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Authors: Jun Xiao, Bei Zhu, Ji Hua Liao
Abstract: Abnormal temperature and pressure with their effects on deep reservoir is the frontier in petroleum geology. Taking Qiongdongnan basin as a case study, the geological settings of this basin are primarily analyzed in this paper. Then, based on the full consideration of sedimentation and diagenesis, effects of abnormal temperature and pressure on deep reservoir are discussed. Main conclusions are drawn as following: (1) high geothermal or geothermal gradient accelerates the reduction of sandstone porosity, (2) high geothermal or geothermal gradient can improve the reservoir properties by promoting the dissolution of carbonate minerals, the filling of hydrocarbon and the development of overpressure, (3) overpressure can preserve partial primary pores, (4) overpressure can inhibit the growth of some cements and slow down the destruction of diagenesis on deep reservoir, and (5) overpressure can generate some secondary pores by enhancing dissolution.
Authors: Jun Xiao, Bei Zhu, Ji Hua Liao
Abstract: Subtle reservoir is an important area of hydrocarbon exploration in Qiongdongnan basin. The reservoir hydrocarbon-bearing potential is one of the cores of this research, and the geophysical technology is the main research tool. In this paper, AVO, AVD, DR and seismic attenuation gradient techniques are carried out to evaluate the hydrocarbon-bearing ability. Taking the JY area of eastern Qiongdongnan basin as a case study, the results show that the characteristics of gas-bearing reservoir in JY area are the 3rd AVO anomaly, high AVD and DR, and low attenuation gradient. Furthermore, multi-information fusion technique is used to qualify the gas resource scale and provide decision-making advice for the future exploration. It shows that the seismic anomaly sand body of the first member of Sanya Formation in JY area has large gas resource potential and good exploration prospect.
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