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Authors: Yun Liu, Bin Shi Xu, Pei Jing Shi, Bo Hai Liu
Abstract: The quality of remanufacturing products, which is always restricting the development of remanufacturing industry, is one of sixty-four-dollar questions. By detecting the cores, process control in remanufacturing production and certificating remanufacturing products, quality control of remanufacturing products is studied. Because of cores different in original states, remanufacturing is in low-volume on the whole. Based on Bayesian posterior analysis, the paper improves the control chart and uses the previous data to monitor the production process. Finally, some advances are given to remanufacturing product certification.
Authors: Guan Ci Chen, Ting Wang Xie, Fan Hai Mao
Abstract: Traditionally, quality control chart is usually used for the dimension error monitor in the bearing manufacture, which mainly shows qualitative results of the dimension distribution. However, probability statistical method is utilized for the dimension error analysis in the working procedure of the rolling bearing in this paper, which presents quantitative results. Furthermore, stock removal can be corrected by comparing the actual dimension probability distribution with the ideal one. Application in the bearing ring’s turning indicates that probability statistics has its advantage of quality control chart in the dimension error analysis and monitor.
Authors: Hong Mei Zhi, Jin Shen Chen, Shao Guo Wen, Wen Xi Cheng
Abstract: This paper draws out a new method to determine the chromium content in diamond tools of metal bond. Used aqua regia to dissolve the sample, perchloric acid emits smoke to oxidize the Cr3+ to Cr2O72- by smoke emission .than used reducing agent of Fe2+ standard solution to measure quickly the chromium in the diamond tools of metal bond. This method is verified by quality control chart , this method saves time and practical.
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