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Authors: Hua Luo, Ming Zi Zhu
Abstract: The goal of this paper is to study the R&D project under incomplete information. We extend the multi-step quadrinomial option pricing model through a practical case, which is the R&D project of the machinery to deal with mechanical bits and pieces. We pricing the real options valuation (ROV) of the project and show a decision tree, which can provide managers flexible decisions to analyze technology and market uncertainty.
Authors: Guo Hua Qiu, Lu Ning Shao, Li Ji
Abstract: The low level of knowledge management about research and development is greatly restricting China’s auto companies research and development ability. To solve this problem, the paper analyzes the actual demand of car research activities and constructs the enterprise research and development knowledge system in which knowledge map tool is the core, aiming at improving enterprise knowledge management level and car research and development ability.
Authors: Li Zhen Chen, Emmanuel Opoku Marfo, Xu Hua Hu
Abstract: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its impacts on financial performance has been studied exhaustively, however proponents reports differing findings. A number of studies have shown that there exist a significantly positive correlation between research and development (R&D) and profitability. Between the period 2009 and 2013, we analyzed 500 Ghanaian cases in which companies’ integrate R&D investments as one of their business sustainable development strategies for feasible advancement; they additionally recognize their altruistic “give-away” as commitments to CSR. In view of hypothetical affirmations and observational confirmation in this study, we recognized a positive relationship between CSR and financial performance.
Authors: Monika Moga, Gavrilă Calefariu, Florentin Smarandache, Flavius Aurelian Sarbu, Laura Bogdan
Abstract: The research and development (R&D) processes influence the economic development of a company, because in an industry that is changing fast, firms must continually revise their projects and range of products. The novelty of the paper is that it focuses on determining components of cost and the duration of the R & D processes in its cost calculation procedure. The originality of this work is the use of Monte Carlo simulation to determine the average length of producing a new product.
Authors: Jan Skonieczny, Oleksandra Vagonova, Andriy Vilyanskiy
Abstract: This article discusses the initial stage of formation of an enterprise activity management aimed at the innovative development. The structure of the sources of financing innovative activity of an enterprise is considered. Philosophy of management of the innovative activity of an industrial enterprise is given; factors affecting the level of the innovative activity of an enterprise are outlined. Management algorithm of the innovative activity of an enterprise is worked out.
Authors: Jun Zhang, Lu Cheng Ji, Bo Jin
Abstract: Hydrogen energy has been considered as a clean alternative energy source substituting fossil fuels. Many countries consider it as the ultimate solution to the energy and environmental problems, even draw up the blueprint of “hydrogen economy” and heavily invest for research and development. However, after decades of research, the hydrogen energy technologies are still being prospective and explored, and haven’t been put into large scale production by now. This article begins with expatiation on the essence of hydrogen energy, makes analysis of various big challenges for hydrogen energy technologies, and reaches the conclusion that we should hold the rational and cautious attitude towards hydrogen energy source because the transition to hydrogen economy of unclear prospect must pay a very high cost, which is unbearable for the social and economic development status of developing countries.
Authors: Chun Jie Chi, Tie Ju Ma
Abstract: The R&D on alternative fuel vehicles has gained increasing attention by companies. In this study we develop a two-stage game theoretic model to explore the cooperative and noncooperative R&D activities in alternative fuel vehicles with spillovers. The results provide practical insights into actions that could be considered by regulators and organizations to encourage environmental investments.
Authors: Fu Jin Zhang, Jie Shang, Bin Wang
Abstract: This paper studies the related problems which belong to research of digital content platform by using numerical simulation. Results from the research show that: the Nash-equilibrium is not the optimal outcome in the R&D competition. The government should pay attention to the continuity of investment. The larger the conversion rate of the user scale, R&D investment allowance rate and the foresight of companies are, the more the technology stock and consumer welfare are.
Authors: Wu Wei Li
Abstract: Based on the data of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises put forward by National Bureau of Statistics of China, over the period 1991-2007, this paper empirically investigates the dynamic econometrical relationship among R&D, technology transfer, including imports of technology and purchase of domestic technology and innovation performance which is denoted by new product sales, using ADF unit root test, co-integration analysis and granger causality test. The empirical research results indicate that innovation performance is granger causing R&D and technology transfer, while R&D and technology transfer are not granger causing innovation performance. Neither the feedback effect between R&D and innovation performance nor that between technology transfer and innovation performance is occurring.
Authors: Ping Xiao Yang, Hong Tao Yang, Shu Wen Zuo
Abstract: Under the circumstances of enterprises facing increasing competition, R&D is becoming the key to drive private technology enterprises to enhance the level of technological innovation and core competencies. This paper used questionnaire survey data from 155 shanghai private technology enterprises to describe their present situation of R&D and effectively analyzed the R&D problems. Finally, on the basis of the present situation and problems, the rationalizing countermeasures were proposed in order to provide some guidance and reference for the further development of shanghai private technology enterprises.
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