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Authors: Nicole Clément, Mustafa Benyoucef, M. Legros, Pierre Caron, Armand Coujou
Abstract: An in situ study of the plastic deformation of <001> single crystals of an industrial superalloy has been performed at 850 °C in a TEM to observe directly the micromechanisms which control the deformation under the actual temperature and stress conditions experienced by this material in aeroengines. A comparison between the creation and propagation modes of moving dislocations in the standard microstructure after annealing and the rafted microstructure after 20 h of creep at 1050°C evidence the important role of the width of the γ channels as well as the strength of the γ/γ’ interface in controlling the shearing events of γ’ channels.
Authors: Maurizio Maldini, Valentino Lupinc, Giuliano Angella
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to critically analyse the effect of the ’ morphology evolution on the creep strain rate behaviour in the temperature range 900 - 1100°C where rafts form in superalloys for single crystal turbine blade and vane applications. A close examination of the experimental results has shown different regimes of strain accumulation depending on the value of the applied stress and temperature. The experimental results have been rationalised in terms of the ’ shape evolution during creep.
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