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Authors: Rui Liang, Qiao Zhu, Huan Lian Ren, Hua Jin
Abstract: Beizhangdian watershed is a typical semi-dry and semi-humid region, where human activities have little effect on the hydrological cycle. Based on a 30-year hydrological observation data, the precipitation, runoff, and rainfall-runoff relationship were researched by the hydrology statistics analysis methods. The results indicated that the inter-annual change of rainfall-runoff of the watershed is remarkable, the annual distribution of rainfall-runoff is extremely uneven, and rainfall-runoff mainly occurred in flood season (June ~ September). There is a good uniformity between the variation tendency of annual rainfall and annual runoff in time and amount, the correlation coefficient of rainfall and runoff is 0.74, the value of the F-test is 4.23.
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