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Authors: Aurelie Thuaire, Michel Mermoux, Alexandre Crisci, Nicolas Camara, Edwige Bano, Francis Baillet, Etienne Pernot
Abstract: Structural defects in SiC crystals were investigated and 4H-SiC pin devices were characterized by micro-Raman scattering and photoemission. With the experimental set-up presented, defects could be successfully detected in SiC crystals but stacking faults could not be detected with micro-Raman scattering, although they could be detected by photoemission. Residual stress could be evaluated in 4H-SiC devices, as well as the temperature increase associated with the devices powering. A good correlation was found between the characterization techniques used: micro-Raman scattering and photoemission.
Authors: Michio Tajima, T. Sugahara, Norihiro Hoshino, Satoshi Tanimoto, Tetsuo Takahashi, Shinichi Nakashima, T. Yamamoto
Authors: K. Mizoguchi, Shinichi Nakashima, Hiroshi Harima, Tohru Hara
Authors: Michel Mermoux, Alexandre Crisci, Francis Baillet
Authors: Hiroshi Harima, Toru Hosoda, Shinichi Nakashima
Authors: Michel Mermoux, Alexandre Crisci, Francis Baillet
Authors: Shinichi Nakashima, Yasuhiro Nakatake, Y. Yano, Hiroshi Harima, Noboru Ohtani, Masakazu Katsuno
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