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Authors: Atsushi Yamamoto, Yuichiro Tsukahara, Shinji Fukumoto
Abstract: A new technique has been developed, which enables one to randomize the basal plane texture formed in wrought magnesium alloys, AZ31B. Rolls with about 60 mm in diameter having wavy surface of 8 mm in wave length and 3 mm in peak to valley depth were used. The peak lines were perpendicular to the roll axis. The alloy sheet specimen of 50 x 50 mm with 2.5 mm in thickness was heated at temperatures ranging from 623 to 723 K, and then immediately wavy-roll formed. The specimen was re-heated at the same temperature, and then wavy-roll formed with rotating at 90 degree. Such a process was repeated at eight times, then finally flat-rolled with a slight reduction. Electron backscattered diffraction analyses showed that the basal plane texture was predominantly formed in the start material, while after the cross wavy roll-forming, accumulation of basal plane tended to be diffusely distributed.
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