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Authors: Xiao Hua Xiong, Ai Bing Ning
Abstract: Minimum ratio spanning tree(MRST) is the problem of finding a minimum spanning tree when the objective function is the ratio of two linear cost functions(such as the ratio of cost to weight). MRST problem is NP-hard when the denominator is unrestricted in sign. Cellular Competitive decision algorithm(CCDA) is a newly proposed meta-heuristic algorithm for solving combinatorial optimization problems. In this paper, a cellular competitive decision algorithm for MRST is presented. To verify the efficiency of the algorithm, it is been coded in Delphi 7, by which series of instances are tested and results result in good performance.
Authors: Zuli’zam Rashid, Nooh Abu Bakar, Raja Ariffin Raja Ghazilla
Abstract: Anthropometric measurements are critical dimensions when considering human interface design. This is especially true in vehicle package design where the interaction of the drive with the vehicle interior components need to be precisely determine as a mismatch between them would not only be detrimental to the drives comfort but driving performance and safety as well. In the past car makers often depends on standard databases derived from population that are not necessarily suited to the local population. Among the key concerns are the anthropometric measurements values and body ratio which would drive the design requirements of the vehicle package. Thus this paper describes the study which has been done to understand Malaysian Anthropometry in comparison of current available databases. The results shows significant differences in body proportion which may lead to the necessity to further study the effect of this differences.
Authors: Jian Qiang Han, Ya Hui Pei, Chun Fang Tian, Yu Nan Wang
Abstract: This article mainly research on different replacement rate of recycled concrete at home and abroad are summarized , and expounds the various researchers in the research of recycled concrete. Outlines the basic properties of recycled concrete, and explain the effects of replacement ratio of recycled concrete, for the development and application of recycled concrete are proposed.
Authors: J. Liyana, Abdullah Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri, Kamarudin Hussin, C.M. Ruzaidi, A. Rashid Azura
Abstract: Fly ash geopolymer coating material potential used to protect surface used in exposure conditions. Ratio of fly ash/alkaline activator and Na2SiO3/NaOH play important parameter on determining the best flexural strength of geopolymer coating material. Fly ash and alkali activator (Al2O3/Na2SiO3) were mixed with the solids-to-liquid ratios in range of 1.0-3.0 and different ratios of Na2SiO3/NaOH (1.0-3.0) to prepare geopolymer coating material at constant NaOH concentration of 10 M. Effect of fly ash/alkaline activator ratio and Na2SiO3/NaOH on geopolymer coating was determined with respect to the highest flexural strength of the 1200oC sintering temperature of geopolymer coating substrates. The results concluded that the highest strength for fly ash geopolymer coating material is achieved 42 MPa when the solid/liquid ratio is 2.0 and the Na2SiO3/NaOH ratio is 2.5.
Authors: Su Qi, Shu Hao Liu, Ye Zhang, Guang Li Xu
Abstract: At present, system research on performance of the physics, deformation, strength and other properties of light mixed soil already exists in China, but the study on permeability is just in the initial stage and the system study on permeability of EPS beads-mixed lightweight soil is lack of, therefore, it is necessary to study the permeability of EPS beads-mixed lightweight soil. This article draw some reliable conclusions which include the permeability of EPS beads-mixed lightweight soil decreases with the increasing of curing age and cement ratio, and decreasing of EPS beads ratio and particle size and the cement ratio has quadratic polynomial function relationship when EPS beads ratio has linear relationship, by analyzing the effects of curing age, cement ratio, EPS beads ratio and particle size. The paper proposes multiple linear regression equation, considering the relationship of lightweight soil permeability between EPS particles and cement ratio. These will do good to the application of the practice engineering.
Authors: Shao Jie Chen, Bo Li, Wei Jia Guo
Abstract: In this paper, in order to get the mechanical properties of the different ratio similar material models and resolve the matching problem of pressure sensor and measured similar material, according to the similarity theories, the repeated loading tests on different ratio similar models were performed by multi-stage loading. This paper got the stress-pressure curve and the failure strength of each model. Test results show that there are significant differences in the matching abilities between different ratio similar materials and pressure sensors, and the matching abilities between different models of the same ratio and pressure sensors also have some differences. The matching ability between similar material and pressure sensor should be detected, so as to correct the experimental data. Test results also show that different ratio similar materials have stable and different mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of the similar material can be adjusted appropriately by changing the ratio. The mechanical properties of different ratio similar materials should be tested before the similar material simulation test.
Authors: Yan Gui Yu
Abstract: This paper offers some new calculating equations on the small crack growth rate for describing the elastic-plastic behavior of materials under symmetric or un-symmetric cyclic loading. And it yet suggests the estimating formulas of the life relative to varied small crack size aoi at each loading history. The method is to adopt the ratio e p e e D D / by plastic strain range to elastic strain range as a stress-strain parameter, using some staple material parameters as the material constants in damage calculating expression. And it gives out a new concept of the composite material constant, that it is functional relation with each staple material constants, average stress,average strain and critical loading time. The calculated results are accordant with the Landgraf’s equation, so could avoid unnecessary fatigue tests and will be of practical significance to stint times, manpower and capitals, the convenience for engineering applications.
Authors: Yuan Jin
Abstract: Noise gates are common equipments in audio processing which can attenuate all kinds of the noise effectively and have some applications in making special effects. This paper introduced the six parameters in noise gates also: attack time, release time, ratio, range, hold time and threshold.
Authors: Nurul Saadiah Lani, Norzita Ngadi
Abstract: Nowadays, the demands of plastics materials are increasing rapidly. Nevertheless, most of these products are non-environmentally friendly and non–biodegradable. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is one of the polymers that have been investigated widely for the potential for use as biodegradable plastics. However, the applications of PVA materials are limited due to their high cost and slow degradation process especially under anaerobic condition. Therefore, this study was conducted to investigate the effect of varying the PVA and starch content on the composite properties. A series of blend films with different ratio of PVA and starch were prepared by solution casting method. The results of this study have revealed that the polyvinyl alcohol and starch at a weight ratio of 70:30 was selected as the best blending composition, whereby the 70:30 blend film have the best elongation at break at about 334.69%, with a tolerable tensile strength value and water absorption capacity of 3.830 MPa and 49.59%, respectively.
Authors: Li Gong Sun
Abstract: In recent years, pump concrete construction technology is widely put in use because the modern architecture trends to over- height, large- span, and over-load. In the basis of the railway engineering examples, the thesis elaborates the ratio design of high-strength pump concrete, construction technology and quality control with reference to projects of the same kind.
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