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Authors: Yang Liu
Abstract: In this paper, a framework of 3D Real-time Garment Simulation System for character animation is presented .For the problem of computational efficiency and stability for cloth physical modeling, we proposed a cloth mass-spring model based on constraint. Take geometry sphere and cylinder as example to explaining the whole strategy which used to dealing with cloth deformable bodies colliding with environment object. We described the procedure of physically based simulation, and illustrated the result and analysis of the experiment. By using the technique of parameterized human body modelling, virtual try-on was realized with the different shape of virtual character. Finally, integrating the techniques of character animation, physically based cloth simulation and non-precise deformable object collision handling, we create the real-time simulation animation of virtual character.
Authors: Xiao Hui Zhang, Xi Ling Zhao
Abstract: In this paper, a newly design of pulse-wave data collection system continuously and non-invasion by using the means of clip-on transmission oxygen sensor for getting information of pulse-wave, using the wave can calculate a number of important parameters of blood, it may solve the problem of real-time, continuous and dynamic blood flow monitoring in clinic, This design use sensor to get photoelectric volume pulse wave then the signal through amplification and filter circuit ,after then it is sent to A / D converter and DSP. The powerful instruction functions and fast processing speed DSP makes this design can quickly and easily detect the pulse wave signal. This design not only used for clinical care, but also can be used for community or family health care on detection of cardiovascular blood flow. This design can make the telemedicine care ture by DSP and the PC communication, It provides a simple and easy method to monitor the pulse-wave signal .
Authors: Wen Gong, Zhong Jian Yu
Abstract: In order to supply a reliable and low-cost method for construction machinery real-time test, take a hydraulic excavator for example. Especially for testing controllers and evaluating the performance of strategies, a hardware-in-the loop platform has been developed based on the xPC real-time system. The hardware-in-the-loop system, including dynamic model of the excavator and an 3D real-time display subsystem, is presented in this paper. The simulation results are also described at the end of the paper.
Authors: Feng Xiang Zhang
Abstract: This paper focus on hierarchical scheduling for real-time applications for open embedded system environments constructed by the total bandwidth server, according to its algorithms, when a job at the head of the server's ready queue completes, the server budget is replenished immediately if the ready queue is not empty. This paper gives some examples to the solutions proposed by Deng et al for a two-level hierarchical scheduling model in which the global level of the system is earliest deadline first, and the local scheduler could be any algorithm. The scheduling algorithms and schedulability analysis for the tasks are reviewed in an open system where the applications could be modeled as executing on a slow processor.
Authors: Cui Feng Du, Wen Ming Shen, Shi Bao Jiang
Abstract: The real-time prediction of micro regional market share provides decision for the analysis of micro regional marketing scheme and micro regional channel planning. More and more increasing complexion mobile network environment require real-time micro area of market share and only mastering micro regional market share can have a more comprehensive understanding of market. To solve this problem, consideration of advantages of real-time aspects of the extended Kalman filtering algorithm in predicting, we propose a real-time prediction algorithm based on the extended Kalman filter Market Share. The algorithm can be real-time prediction of mobile network market share of base station. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm in this paper is a real-time and good prediction quality.
Authors: Jing Jie Jiang, Hua Qing Tan, Bo Yao
Abstract: Abstract. By analyzing the current open software architectures for PC-based master-slave Computer Numerical Control(CNC) systems and soft-CNC systems, this paper put forward a multi-platform compatible open software architecture for the two types of CNC systems. The architecture is composed by five different function layers: CNC presentation Layer, CNC Business Layer, CNC Data Layer, NC Interface Layer and NCK Layer. Firstly, the WPF and the MVVM pattern decouple the User Interface (UI) presentation and business logic. Secondly, the component technology is used to decouple the business logic and Numerical Control(NC) functions. Thirdly, the implementation of NC tasks is put into non-RT environment and RT environment. The experiment results of developing the application based on the architecture show that the layered software architecture improves the maintenance and development efficiency, and running the application in the “non-RT+RT” environment proves that the architecture is available for PC-based master-slave CNC systems and soft-CNC systems.
Authors: Ying Xue Yao, Shun Zhou Yu
Abstract: PC-based software computer numerical control (CNC) system is the ideal for open CNC system, but there are some problems about the current open CNC system, such as the limitation of interpolation cycle, demanding on high-speed and high precision machining and the limitation of operation system (OS). So advances a novel PC-based architecture for compiled-type software CNC system, in the architecture, the general Windows is adopted as CNC platform and adopts two huge memories acting as data buffer to solve real time problem. And then analyzes the structure and basic principle of compiling system. The hardware has been developed based on this architecture and applied in the CNC system.
Authors: Jian Jiang Cui, Si Yuan Li, Feng Pan
Abstract: Memory allocation and management of real-time task and sub real-time task have been becoming the hot problem that people concern all the time. Page coloring technology is a kind of practical method which can realize isolation of cache space. This article aimed at the problem of cache resource competition caused by shared memory on multi-core real-time system, to solve the collision of cache visit, put forward the scheme of cache space isolation based on page coloring technology and the realization method. The problem that data collide with the visit on cache can be finally avoided, by dividing the shared cache space.
Authors: Chen Shu Li, Chao Nan Xu, Hiroshi Yamada, Yusuke Imai, Hong Wu Zhang, Lin Zhang
Abstract: We have successfully demonstrated that the stress distribution of a metal substrate can be directly displayed by coating SrAl2O4:Eu (SAO), a representative of strong mechanoluminescent materials, on the surface of test objects. An aluminum plate with SAO sensing film had been applied to experimental analysis of stress concentrations, and a numerical calculation via a finite element method confirmed that the observed real time mechanoluminescence images displayed the stress distribution. As a result, visualization of stress distribution on metal surface has been realized by ML images using SAO sensing film, and this novel visualization technique can be applied for viewing the stress concentration in various fields such as modeling, manufacturing and demonstration of an industrial product.
Authors: Ya Feng Shan, Nong Cheng, Chun Di Mu
Abstract: UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) can be widely used in military, research, industrial, agriculturaland other fields. This paper presents an onboard flight computer which can be applied toUAVs of various layouts including helicopters, fixed-wing aeroplanes and tailless aircrafts. We alsodeveloped a semi-physical simulation and actual flight software system based on QNX (a kind of realtimeoperating systems). This platform provides interfaces with MATLAB RTW generated code foreasy design and verification. The platform is used to control the autonomous take-off and landing ofa fixed-wing UAV, its stability and reliability are verified.
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