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Authors: Jiang Long, Xu Dong Wang, Yu Song
Abstract: Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC), with typical advantages such as low acoustic noise, small volume, lightness, high performance and high reliability, is a compact device widely used in fields like military applications and cooling or heating small spaces. Circuit design of a real-time controlled, LED displayed and monitored cooling and heating system is presented in this paper. The system is consisted of STC89C52RC MCU, TEC1-12706, temperature monitoring chip DS18B20, LED temperature display unit etc. Five kinds of functions like heating or cooling automatically adjustable, temperature controlling, temperature real-time displaying and monitoring and limitation value settings are achieved. A high cooling/heating efficiency has been obtained. The test result shows that the temperature rise/decrease can be 6,83°C/2.18°C per minute in the early 5 operation process of this system.
Authors: Jing Xian Wan, Feng Ying He, Bin Liu, Shang Ping Zhong
Abstract: Faced with the demand for real-time "big data" processing, the existing financial risk early warning systems are generally difficult to identify hidden risks in massive data information quickly and accurately. This paper introduces a complex event processing technology (CEP), proposes a method of real-time monitoring for "big data", establishes a monitoring model of unusual transactions, designs and realizes a system based on this model. The model contains data acquisition and encapsulation module, custom rules modeling module and results display module. Using real data of a security company to test the system, the results show that, it can identify hidden risks in unusual transactions accurately, and the speed of processing is improved significantly comparing with the system which is based on traditional database analysis method.
Authors: Jing Lu Cai, Wei Yu, Feng Ping An
Abstract: Many geologic hazards, such as rock burst coal and gas outburst, have an inevitable connection with microseismic phenomena in rock mass. In order to provide accurate evidence of underground safety monitoring, inspecting microseismic signal is a good way to make sure the range and the level of underground rock breaking. Previous microseismic system using DSP or singlechip can’t obtain the desired data collection, neither for the achievement of advanced algorithm. The real-time microseismic monitoring system realizes the acquisition of multiple microseismic signals and uses wavelet transform algorithm, which gives full scope to the advantages of virtual instruments. The monitoring result was very similar to actual rock burst and the error of orientation results was minor to prescriptive upper limit, which means this new system completes the monitoring of real-time microseismic emission effectively.
Authors: Ai Guo Li, Jing He, Jiao Jiao Du, Qi Yang, Wen Kai Wang
Abstract: Real-time monitoring of energy measurement is a crucial and challenging field of application research. Development of practical real-time monitoring system of energy measurement has important practical significance. Measurement of a plant's energy requirements are analyzed, The real-time monitoring of energy measurement are based on B / S structure design , and the actual problems are analyzed and discussed in the real-time monitoring system. The system's design and implementation method are analyzed in the practical application, to meet the requirements of real-time system. the real-time data collection, data analysis, data flow management are involved.
Authors: Li Xing Wang, Ling Jie Hu, Rui Cong Ma
Abstract: This research described in the paper proposed a device combining wireless sensor technique, GPS and wireless charge technique. This device can be installed nearby the vehicle tailpipe and transmit measurement data of exhaust gas to the backend system in real-time. It facilitates knowledge of exhaust gas the vehicle generated on the route it passed. With this information, a reference system is developed to estimate gas pollution that will be generated by the vehicle on each route. An artificial intelligent method, case-based reasoning is applied in the system design. Meanwhile, a new mathematical model can be built with additional consideration for gas pollution in route planning and optimization of vehicles. Some optimization approaches, including genetic algorithm, and some other combination algorithm can be applied to get solution of this model with new additional constraints.
Authors: Bo Chen Zhong, Zi Zhuo Yang
Abstract: The traditional temperature and humidity monitoring system of grain depot used to realize in wired network which needs to deploy a large number of cables. The maintainability and scalability is poor. We present a solution of monitoring temperature and humidity of grain depot based on wireless sensor network (WSN). The temperature and humidity data acquisition and control node is composed of digital temperature and humidity sensor and RF wireless chip and the main control chip. Based on the Zigbee technology, these nodes construct a WSN in Ad Hoc in order to collect, monitor and control the temperature and humidity in the monitoring area. The convergence node in the WSN will packed acquisition data from other nodes and then transmit them to a remote monitoring host through the GPRS wireless mobile network. By means of the statistical analysis of the real-time data collected, the monitoring host can alarm and feedback control the temperature and humidity of grain depot. The experimental results show that the system has strong scalability, low power consumption and high efficiency.
Authors: Qiang Shi, De Yong Chen, Jun Bo Wang, Kai Kai Bao, Li Juan Liu
Abstract: A wireless and power-free pressure sensor system capable of real time in vivo gastrointestinal pressure monitoring has been developed. This system contains a sensor unit and a detection unit. Based on mutual inductance detection mechanism, the sensor is featured with simple device structure and therefore low cost. The packaged sensor unit was tested. Results obtained from experiment demonstrated that this sensor has a sensitivity of 0.2115 kHz / kPa within a pressure range-10~30 kPa. The in vivo testing result not only indicates a period of 2 contractions per minute peristalsis of rabbit stomach but also validates the feasibility of this real time wireless gastrointestinal pressure monitoring system.
Authors: Li Ma, Heng Long Yu, Li Ying Cao
Abstract: In order to realize the real-time monitoring of crop growth environment, this paper applied the Java JDK 6 + Eclipse 3.5, developed agricultural remote data collection system based on zigbee, greenhouse planting of crops growth environment parameters, such as air temperature, humidity and so on, with all kinds of sensor dynamic collection, and transmitted to the user through the network client terminal. This makes agricultural personnel through the terminal computer real time control of the growth environment of crops, can take timely control measures, has realized the remote, multiobjective agricultural information, the parameters of the real-time acquisition, display, storage, query, statistics, and other functions, provides a effective way for the agricultural informatization construction.
Authors: Gwang Hee Heo, Giu Lee, Dong Gi Lee, Heung Chul Shin, Man Yong Choi
Authors: Gwang Hee Heo, Giu Lee, Dong Gi Lee, Chin Ok Lee, Man Goo Kim
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