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Authors: Jing Wu, Fa Zhou Wang, Wen Yang, Qing Jun Ding
Abstract: The behavior of confined concrete is highly dependent on the confinement type of transverse reinforcement, spiral hoops are generally believed to have better confined effect in concrete than rectangular hoops. It is verified through experiments and the oretical calculations that multi-spiral confined concrete columns have better mechanical properties than single spiral columns, the multi-spiral significantly increase the column’s strength, plasticity, ductility and anti-seismic capability. Based on the three-direction stress law of confined concrete, the load carrying capacity of the rectangular cross section concrete column with multi-spiral is analysed in this paper, and the calculated equation of the load carrying capacity is proposed, which provide a theory and calculation basis for multi-spiral confined concrete column design and research.
Authors: Ping Wu, Feng Yu
Abstract: According to the analysis of existing experimental data, it is well known that the behavior of FRP-confined rectangular concrete column were mainly related to the cross section coefficient of concrete, the confinement effect coefficient and the strength of concrete. Based on experimental study and theoretical analysis, the formula for bearing capacity and ultimate axial strain of FRP-confined rectangular concrete column were proposed, and the stress-strain model with strain-hardening components or strain-softening components. The effects of every parameter on the stress-strain relationship were carefully considered. The predictions of the model agree well with test data.
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