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Authors: Xiao Qian Zhang, Guang Zhang
Abstract: To recycle waste heat from circulating water, the model of the power plant heat pump regenerative thermal system is put forward, and the indexes of the system are analyzed. It is indicated in the specific case that the absorption heat pump has an advantage over the compression heat pump. Using the extraction steam of the low pressure cylinder as its driving heat source, economize on coal can be realized in the condition that the coefficient of performance(COP) of the heat pump is above the critical COP. For the case of the compression heat pump, the fuel efficiency is improved a little, but on the other hand, as the station service power is increased, the power supply coal consumption is increased too.
Authors: A.S. Danardono, Didi Widya Utama, Gandjar Kiswanto
Abstract: This research describes the scope of design and test a traction controller to combine a 6.54 kW gasoline engine power and 2x48VDC/0.5 kW electrical brushless motors in a serial-parallel type of small hybrid electric vehicle. A central control system was designed to operate the engine which is equipped with continuous variable transmission and electric motor on rear wheel side in order to select the optimal torque in normal driving condition. The battery charging system draws its energy from the engine using two alternators: 80 Watt built-in alternator and 300 Watt additional alternator which is driven using a power take-off unit. To increase the electric charging capacity, the electric motor is able to operate as a generator during acceleration or deceleration condition (regenerative system). The static preliminary testing shows that the electric motor can generate about 38% of nominal motors power at 730 rpm of wheel rotation.
Authors: Jue Jiang Chen, Ling Xiao Zhou, Xiao Bin Ning, Cui Ling Zhao
Abstract: In order to improve efficiency of Electro-Hydraulic regenerative braking system on electric bus, this paper will analysis dynamic performance and typical driving condition of electric bus based on ADAMS to establish electric bus simulation model and AMEsim to built hydraulic regenerative braking system simulation model. After simulation, displacement of Pump, volume and working pressure of accumulator, ratio of driving coupler will be optimized. The acceleration performance of electric bus will be enhanced obviously after applying hydraulic regenerative braking system.
Authors: Ji Sheng Shen, Xiang Man Ye, Xiao Bin Ning
Abstract: Design of self-energizing shock absorber of suspension of SVU, a multi degree of freedom mechanism, is a challenge. In order to decay vibration and recycle energy, self-energizing shock absorber was researched. This paper primarily focuses on kinematics and dynamic analysis in multi-body system (MBS) and validation of system. A simulation model for self-energizing shock absorber was built using the software MATLAB, and the establishment of this model was based on the analysis of internal configuration and characteristics of valves. Vehicle simulation model was built using MBS. The assembly between vehicle simulation model and the shock absorber was realized through co-simulation between MBS and MATLAB. The optimal design of suspension is investigated, in order to improve vertical ride and road-friendliness of vehicles, while maintaining enhanced roll stability. A nonlinear vehicle model is developed to study vertical as well as roll dynamics of vehicles. The simulation results shows that suspension with self-energizing shock absorber can partly energy-regenerative which can be used to adjust ride height due to load change of automobile. Self-energizing shock absorber is also improving the ride performance of vehicle.
Authors: Ri Guang Wei, Zhen Xiao Qu, Jian Qiang Gao
Abstract: According to the structure and working principle of rotary air preheater,the heat transfer calculation model is set up with reasonable simplification. Combining with the design parameters of the rotary air preheater of a 400 t/h pulverized coal boiler unit ,the results of practical calculation show that the said thermodynamic calculation method not only has higher precision of calculation,but also can get the temperature distributions of the gas, air and heat surface in each cross-section of the rotary air preheater. The result of numerical simulation calculation tallies well with the original designed data. It can be used for the heat calculation both two-sectorial and three-sectorial air heater; it can be used for performance analysis of the regenerative air heater.
Authors: Lai Xi Zhang, Xing Song Wang, Shu Lin Liu
Abstract: A new 2-DOFs dynamic turning model including the compliance of workpiece and cutting tool is developed. In past studies, most of them were based on SDOF models and either the workpiece or tool was simplified as rigid one. Meanwhile, traditional regenerative chatter models focus mainly on cross cutting which was particularly prone to chatter. It is evident that such models cannot descript cutting system comprehensively. In order to tackle this problem, we introduce the overlap factor making the new model also suitable for length-wise cutting. Stability was analyzed after performing the Laplace transformation, correlation between critical chip width and spindle speed was derived. Simulation suggests that the new model has a larger critical chip width which complies with practical situation.
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