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Authors: Ming Zhou
Abstract: The architectures pay attention to the solve of detail problems more and more with the great development of residence design in recent decades and the original design idea is shocked by new thinking in China, and the features different from traditional design concepts appear. This piece is an exploration on how residence design adapt to the demands of new periods through the features of modern residence design from six aspects.
Authors: Min Yuan, Bing Yu Pan, Shi Jun Wang
Abstract: Residential Design briefly explained the relationship with the circular economy, according to the design of residential status and future growth prospects, I propose the idea of circular economy design residential areas, construction of new cycle of economic-type settlements, to develop eco-energy saving residential area.
Authors: Xi Pei Ren, Ali Zhao
Abstract: This paper analyses and discusses the possibility of integration of emotional design and sustainable design in the field of residential design through combining the principles of three dimensions of emotional design and three levels of sustainable residential design. Besides, proposing concept design to verify the value of this fusion. The study provides a reference to future design study about integrated design thesis.
Authors: Wen Jie Lin, Yu Jun Yang, Zhe Yu
Abstract: Targeted at elderly couple's families, this paper analyzes the residence relationship among the elderly couples and focuses on the link between changes in living style and health state of the elderly through the change of the place in which elderly couples sleep, have meals, do daily living and so on. On the basis of the living style characteristics and living demand of the elderly couples, this paper comes up with suggestions for sustainable residential designing for them.
Authors: Zheng Lei Dong
Abstract: This paper explains the concept of folk culture in design of Chinese traditional vernacular dwellings, puts forward that we should properly deal with, use and develop traditional culture through analysis of the wide and specific application of humanistic culture and folk culture in design of Chinese traditional vernacular dwellings, and requires modern designers to have a certain cognition and understanding of the deep connotation of Chinese traditional culture.
Authors: Xuan Yin Xu
Abstract: With the continuous improvement of living standard, the requirement of interior design is rising today. It caused an uncoordinated between Interior design and architectural design, and a defect of excessive decoration. Thus, it became an inevitable trend, it using the concept of "green design" in the residential interior design. The key question is Instill the concept of environmental protection, focus on people-oriented, use the efficient and intelligent devices, select the green furniture, and collaboration with interior designers and architectural designer.
Authors: Wu Jin Gaowa, Wen Hui Ming
Abstract: Rural residential building design is an important part of residential construction, discover the problem in rural residential construction and find the way to solve the problem, it come forward is that the innovative design of rural residential building should take the road to green residential construction.
Authors: Ruo Zhu Wang, Yong Mei Qian, Wei Mo
Abstract: The paper introduces the measures about water efficiency and applying water resources in the design of urban resident plan and analyzes economical character of several urban residential design, and the conclusions are gained that the feasibility of the measures about water efficiency and applying water resources at present, and it will become the success experiences of sustainable development of urban residential plan.
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