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Authors: H.R.J. Walters
Abstract: The theoretical description of positron and positronium scattering by atoms within the context of the coupled pseuodostate approximation is briefly considered.
Authors: Valter A. Ignatchenko, Dmitry S. Polukhin
Abstract: The matrix (5x5) Green's function of magnetoelastic waves in an isotropic magnetoelastic medium taking into account the dipole-dipole interaction has been derived. The imaginary parts of diagonal and off-diagonal elements of the Green's function in the crossing resonance of spin and longitudinal elastic waves has been investigated. It is shown that under changing the angle of wave propagation θ the amplitudes of Green functions change drastically due redistribution of energy between the magnetic and elastic oscillation. Approximate expressions for the dependence of the widths of the gaps in the spectrum on the angle θ have been also derived.
Authors: T.E. Cowan, J. Hartley, Richard H. Howell, J.L. McDonald, R.R. Rohatgi, J. Fajans
Authors: Takuro Tomita, S. Saito, M. Baba, Martin Hundhausen, T. Suemoto, Shinichi Nakashima
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