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Authors: Marina Polyakova, Eduard Golubchik
Abstract: Powder rolling is used for manufacturing long-length strip. For obtaining the product with high green density it is necessary to ensure shear strain in the deformation zone. Based on the principles of technologic adaptation the dual roll closed caliber with adaptively changed rigidity was constructed. It consists of upper bandage with shoulder, bottom bandage with groove in which the set of three rings (two aside and one central) is located. The pass is arranged by aside rings and outside surface of the central ring forming closed caliber while interacting with the shoulder of the upper bandage. The caliber output is equal to zero and the broadening at rolling is fully excluded. Such construction of the tool makes it possible to achieve high level of hydrostatic stress of tensor simultaneously with intensification of shear strains resulting in practically nonporous rolled strip. Taking into consideration peculiarities of calibre rolling the new criterion was proposed. This criterion enables to characterize roll system for each material, incompact materials in particular, considering retraction ability, to assess and identify the final square of the rolled material at different caliber configuration. Dependence of maximum value of powdered rolled strip thickness on dual roll closed caliber retraction surface value at different rolled strip width is presented.
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