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Authors: Gao Wen Xi, Yue Xi, Lei Wang
Abstract: In this paper, by using the Euler-Maclaurin expansion, we establish an inequality of a weight coefficient. Using this inequality, we derive a reverse Hilbert's type inequality. As applications, an equivalent form is obtained.
Authors: Sheng Lu, Bin Yan, Chang Hao Piao, Qiang Zhang
Abstract: An automatic braking system based on Electric Vacuum Booster (EVB) in the reversing is proposed in the paper. The present study can not only avoid the collisions in the reversing, but also keep the vehicle in a low uniform speed. In the system, Time-of-flight (TOF) algorithm is used to measure real-time distance from vehicle to obstacle. Fuzzy-PI controller is adopted to maintain the vehicle speed by EVB. If the real-time distance is in the dangerous range, the vehicle will immediately stop. It can be one of active safety measures for vehicles in the reversing.
Authors: Qing Min Gao, Kai Chao Jin
Abstract: From the point of view of engineering application, this paper systematically discusses the characteristics of soil retaining, watertight aspects of retaining wall which combined mixing piles of waterproof curtain and bored concrete pile . Aiming at the shortcomings of construction process of the open caisson , this paper puts forward a new type of supporting technology of deep foundation pit - hanging construction technology for foundation pit supporting.It is security construction ,no effect on environment, low cost, and so on. The thesis introduces the technology principal, construction procedures and related points of the new construction technology.
Authors: Yu Bing Dong, Ming Jing Li, Xue Jun Li
Abstract: The piston stopping position after engine shutdown is the key factor for idling stop technology, the next starting process of the engine is decided by the piston position. The piston stop position detecting system is designed based on the gasoline direction injection 4G15. The system is composed of a high-speed data acquisition card, two optical sensors, an encoder, a cylinder pressure sensor, an amplifying circuit and an industrial computer. The state signals of the crankshaft and the camshaft are collected by the detecting system, the distribution probability of piston position is obtained. The crankshaft reversal after shutdown and the crankshaft position can be detected and judged.
Authors: Qun Zhang Tu, Jian Xun Zhao, Ming Pan
Abstract: The model reconstruction based on the reverse and obverse is a main method in reverse engineering applications at present. A new method is put forward for reverse modeling of mechanical parts, which is based on combining reverse software Geomagic Studio and Imageware with CAD system Pro/E. A detailed scheme is designed and it is put into practice by taking a mechanical part for example. The feasibility and practicability of the method is confirmed for model reconstruction of mechanical parts in reverse engineering.
Authors: Ling Li Liu
Abstract: Intelligent products are one of the most popular trends at present and occupy a primary position in many countries. This is a development opportunity for China, so it is necessary to find out the trunk line independent of the backbone of the society, while environmental protection and sustainable development are another two hot topics in the world today. Therefore, the two sides should be combined together, so as to achieve the effect of occupying a position in China. In this paper, the reverse transformation of intelligent electronic engineering structural model is mainly introduced.
Authors: Jia Hui Zhang, Zhong Ming Xiong, Zhi Qiang Chen, Ling Bo Kong
Abstract: Anomalistic architecture especially overhanging structure has become a trend of architectural development, Based on the characteristics of a large vertical eccentric, more prominent facade and strong reverse effect,overhanging structure is often serious super-norm and extremely detrimental to the seismic design[1], Now it has become an important part of seismic review. By the analysis and comparison on the coupling of the translational and torsional seismic response from ANSYS program[2]. The behavior of seismic catastrophe of cantilever building structure is studied under bi-directional earthquake action and the change law of cantilever member with the length is obtained, the suggestions on engineering design are put forward for future seismic design of such structures.
Authors: Yu Chen, Wei Xiang Xu, Xu Min Liu
Abstract: This paper analyzed the existing association rules update algorithm IUA, found out that when the decision makers gave priority attention to the situation of maximum frequent itemsets, this algorithm cannot lower the cost of the database traversal to quickly access to the largest number of frequent itemsets. For the lack of the algorithm, an algorithm which is based on reverse search approach to update association rules is presented. The updating algorithm based on reverse search first generated all frequent itemsets of new itemsets. Then, it spliced the new largest frequent itemsets and original largest frequent itemsets for trimming, get the updated maximal frequent itemsets. This algorithm not only reduces the traversal times in the process of association rules updating, but also realized the priority access to the largest operation of frequent itemsets.
Authors: Dong Qiang Gao, Jiang Miao Yi, Lin Hu, Huan Lin
Abstract: It takes the mouse surface for example and introduces the general process of reverse engineering combining with the advantage of Pro/E and Mastercam,including using CMM for the data acquisition, using Pro/E for data preprocessing and model reconstruction, using Mastercam for processing the cavity and arranging actual processing on CNC with wax model to achieve the End-entity. Thereby, it provides a practical approach on reverse engineering for complicated product.
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