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Authors: Qing Hui Wu, Jian Zhang, Yu Shi Luo
Abstract: DD6 superalloy revert ingot was smelt in an industrialized vacuum induction furnace,Inclusions quantity was tested by electron beam buttons. Purification effect, compositions, mechanical property and cast-ability of purified revert and normal virgin alloy was studied. The results show that the quantity of the inclusions of revert material was slightly higher than one of the normal virgin,and rupture life under 980°C/250MPa and 1100°C/130MPa was slightly higher, and the similar effect was also shown for the compositions and the tensile properties under the temperatures of 760°C and 980°C, as well as cast-ability.
Authors: Jin Jiang Yu, Xiao Feng Sun, Jiang Xin Lou, Hai Xia Lang, Heng Rong Guan, Zhuang Qi Hu
Abstract: The effects of application of recycled scraps on the composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of SRR99 alloy were studied. The compositions of recycle master alloy are similar to that of the fresh alloy. However, nitrogen content, the size and amount of microporosity increase significantly with the recycle material proportion. Granular, lamellar and strip-like MC particles mainly represent in the interdendritic regions of the revert alloy. With the addition of the recycled material proportion, the amount of the granular ones rapidly drop and the lamellar ones gently enhance. The stress rupture life decline with the addition of the recycled material proportion. The oxide and sulphide inclusions in revert superalloy can be effectively captured and removed by a foam ceramic filter so that the tensile and stress rupture property has been significantly improved.
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