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Authors: Wei Shin Lin, Chiu Fan Hsieh
Abstract: This study is pointed to a computer table with five degree of freedom. The table position could be adjusted freely. The height of the tabletop also could be moved freely. The finite element analysis software ANSYS was used to analysis the strength and rigidity of the computer table. From the analysis results, it can be found that the strength and rigidity were fit in with the specification requirement with a safety factor of 1.20. From the modal analysis results, it also found that the stability of the computer was confirmed to the users.
Authors: R. Butkus, J. Deikus, Danielius Gužas, A. Šarlauskas
Abstract: The present paper deals with methods aimed at developing calculation models of sound insulation of various cylindrical shells, making it possible to estimate the shell-radiated noise levels. The proposed methodology is based on the mathematical analysis of the cylindrical shell as an element that is subordinated to the equation of dynamic theory of elasticity of thin-walled constructions of variable rigidity. The work provides the corresponding controls of dynamic theory of elasticity in partial derivatives with variable coefficients. Theoretical research and calculations carried out show that sound insulation under analysis at low frequencies is quite high. A slight reduction of sound insulation at high frequencies conditioned by wave processes is also considered.
Authors: Shu Ke Zhang, Zhi Gang Zhang, Yu Dong Wu, J.H Zhang, Q.H Zhang
Abstract: Overload protection systems are commonly installed in machine presses for the protection of press and mould. If the setting of Pre-load pressure isn't correct, the overload system should take actions untimely, which deeply influences the productivity of machine presses. In this paper, a simplified model of the safety device is build and the reason causing the advance unloading is discussed in theory.
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