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Authors: Ming Shan You, Wei Zeng, Hong Tao Zhou
Abstract: One-switch utility function is used to describe how the risk attitude of a decision maker changes with his wealth level. In this paper additive decision rule is used for the aggregation of decision member’s utility which is represented by one-switch utility function. Based on Markov decision processes (MDP) and group utility, a dynamic, multi-stages and risk sensitive group decision model is proposed. The proposed model augments the state of MDP with wealth level, so the policy of the model is defined as an action executed in a state and a wealth level interval. A backward-induction algorithm is given to solve the optimal policy for the model. Numerical examples show that personal risk attitude has a great influence on group decision-making when personal risk attitudes of members are different, while the weights of members play a critical role when personal risk attitudes of members are similar.
Authors: Jiang Hong
Abstract: In this paper, we set risk attitude into decision making research for the supply chain manage. We focus on the information management. We discuss the stable states and the stochastically stable distribution for the fake game in the supply chain. We find there always exist information fake behaviors of low-yield suppliers. And, the less risk averse suppliers are, the more information fake they use.
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