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Authors: Ruzaidi Zamri, N. Ismail, B.T. Hang Tuah bin Baharudin, Mohamed Ariff Azmah Hanim, Anton Satria Prabuwono
Abstract: Polishing is a secondary process in machining. The application of polishing process is crucial to obtained final appearance of a product. This study addresses parameter analysis on flat and dry polishing to determine the most influence parameter which effect surface roughness. For this purpose, Design of Experiment (DOE) is used as a methodology in the analysis. The polishing process is conducted on Comau robotic cell and the combination of grit size, polishing time and polishing force are subjected on the material by using pneumatic polishing tool. Two-level factorial experiment design is conducted and result is interpreted by using statistical software. From the result it is shown that grit size and polishing time give the main effect on surface roughness. However for 2-way interaction effect, polishing time and polishing force contribute significantly on surface roughness. This suggested that for flat and dry polishing, consideration on these parameters is an essential aspect in order to achieve a good surface finished.
Authors: Jian Xin Liu, Jian Jun Lv, Ping Tan
Abstract: In order to improve die/mold polishing worker’s environment and polishing automation level, we introduce a kind of low cost automatic polishing machine (LCAPM) with compliant actuator. The actuator is composed of a Tripod mechanism driven by pneumatic cylinders. Proportional valve is used to guarantee precision of cylinder’s position, and a 3D force sensor is used to adjust polishing contact force between grind stone tool and workpiece. Structure of LCAPM is described in detail; pneumatic control circuit and cylinder’s position are modeled in succession. Finally, a computing case of cylinder’s position for given workpiece is shown.
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