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Authors: Vasiliy V. Yashin, Evgenii V. Aryshenskii, Erkin D. Beglov, Maksim S. Tepterev, Anna F. Grechnikova
Abstract: Objective of the work: develop a model for calculation of plate exit thickness. This model is supposed to improve process reliability in obtaining specified thickness with +/- 0.5 mm tolerance. The work identifies major influences on obtaining specified thickness and relationship of their effects. Based on derived relationships, the work develops rolling force calculation model with the following inputs: alloy grade, feedstock temperature, feedstock entry and exit gage, feedstock width, rotational speed of the rolls. Mill stand characteristics, like mill stiffness, backlash, work roll behavior, were studied in relation to force and temperature. The resulting model allows to predict the value of work roll gap increase during rolling. The model was validated in production environment and demonstrated high confidence level of calculation results.
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