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Authors: Ping Wei Xing, Xuan Min Song, Yu Ping Fu
Abstract: Based on the high mining height of large cutting height workface in shallow thick coal seam and the few falling waste rock in goaf, the key roof can not be supported effectively, the facture mechanical model of key roof was established. The theoretical calculation formula of key stratum fracture step and working resistance of support were obtained by using fracture mechanics. The results show that the fracture step of key roof relate to not only the mechanical character of key roof and the load of overlaying rock seam, but also the working resistance of support and horizontal pressure in key roof. The reasonable working resistance of support and the step of roof fracture were analyzed in 1-2coalmine 51104 face of a mine in Dongsheng area. The theoretical results are well agreeable with the field measured results.
Authors: Zhi Gang Wang, Ling Fan Zhang, Da Zhang Zhang, Tian Bai Zhou, Zhi Hao Zhang
Abstract: Aiming at the problem of serious deformation and failure of the surrounding rock of the main roadways in diabase zone in west wing on-500m leve in Dongbaowei Coal Mine and roof caving occurring several times, the rupture characteristics of roadway roof rock was observed in this paper. And the observation result shows that the rupture of the roof rock of the roadways in diabase zone has obvious zoning characteristics, and the roadway roof rock is divided into three zones: fragmentation zone, fissure zone and intact rock zone. According to this, this paper introduced a new concept of controlling roadway roof subsidence and redesigned the support parameters of the roof of the roadway in diabase zone. The deformation monitoring of the testing roadway roof rock was carried out, and the monitoring result shows that the anchor supporting scheme which was based on the “three zones” of roadway roof could control the roof rock deformation better. This indicates that roadway anchor support design method which is based on the “three zones” of roadway roof is correct and feasible.
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