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Authors: Bin Li, Zong De Liu, Yong Chen, Li Ping Zhao
Abstract: With an aim to investigate erosion properties, TiC/Fe composites fabricated by self -propagating high-temperature synthesis and pseudo heat isostatic pressing (SHS/PHIP) technique were studied experimentally. Phase composition, microstructure, composition and microhardness of the products are analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and microhardness tester, respectively. The elevated temperature erosion tests of the TiC/Fe composites were tested with the help of a GW/CS-MS type tester using SiO2 quartz and Al2O3 corundum as the abrasive. The influences of the different parameters such as impact angle, environment temperature, abrasive, on the erosion property of the TiC/Fe composites were studied. The morphology of the worn surface was analyzed with SEM to determine the erosion mechanisms.
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