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Authors: Yong Cheng Xie, Fang Jun He, Guang Sheng Li, Ning Wei
Abstract: The SAE J1939 is a typical CAN bus network communication protocol of integrated electronic system of armored vehicles, which adopts the PDU as a data transmission unit. The agreement can quickly parse out the meaning of the received data to according to data definition; The fault code is used to transfer fault diagnosis information while the SAE J1939 is employed, from which equipment faults can be easily obtained. In this paper, the protocol is described and applied to fault diagnosis application of the engine electronic control box in the armored vehicle. The results proved the protocol is reliable and effective.
Authors: Guo Hui Zhang, Jian Fang Sun
Abstract: In this paper the system architecture of the vehicular monitoring system based on high speed CAN bus and low speed CAN Bus and SAE J1939 so as to share information between different ECUs (Electronic Control Units) has been designed. Using Visual C++ 6.0, vehicular monitoring software platform has been developed to realize vehicular runtime parameters monitoring, device controllers monitoring and malfunction monitoring. Also a case study has been given, and the results of the system application are reasonable.
Authors: Hong Ming, Rui Quan, Shu Hai Quan
Abstract: Fuel cell buses are the research focus all over the world, how to develop the application layer protocol of the powertrain systems is a key technique. According to the cummunication requirement of the powertrain system of 60kW fuel cell middle bus designed by our group, the time triggered CAN(TTCAN) protocol based on SAE J1939 was designed in this paper. In which, the redundant CAN Buses topology structure of powertrain system was established, then the source address, output parameters and parameter groups of each node were defined, and the TTCAN matrix was scheduled with average-loading algorithm. Finally, the analysis and testing results related to the schedulability, real-time capability, period dithering and bandwidth utilization performance were presented, which prove the good effect and validity of the method adopted in this paper.
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