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Authors: Eva Chvostová, Pavel Podaný, Pavel Konopík
Abstract: The paper deals with residual serviceability of pipelines that are used for water supply and water drainage to/from the energy sector. During maintenance, some excessively corroded segments were observed. Using mobile microscopy, the material of these segments was analyzed on-site, and samples were taken from the pipeline for further microstructure analysis and mechanical properties in the laboratory. The sampling device is specifically designed to draw a small amount of experimental material (approx. 20 x 20 x 3 mm) from the operating components, and since it leaves only a small cavity on site, it is usually possible to continue operating components without repair. To evaluate the mechanical properties of the collected material, it was necessary to use newly developed tests on miniature bodies.
Authors: Jing Feng, Jian Li Zhang, Yong Tao Ma
Abstract: For the biggest top steel ring, the sampling device characteristic seriously influences on precision sampling. The simulation model was built in AMESim and certificated by experiments. Through simulation, the external load and the car interior are important factors in speed stability. It derived the calculation formula on external load and compared with experimental results. Under the load limit, the velocity will stable with load change. Above the load limit, the velocity will fluctuate violently. An overweight car prolongs the starting time and aggravates the braking vibration. Under a reasonable design specification, 300kg is optimum. These conclusions had been applied in this newly designed device effectively.
Authors: Ye Zhang, Chang You Li, Zhi Wei Mai, Li Xu, Feng Ying Xu
Abstract: Concerning the nonuniformity problem when sampling in current single grain moisture on-line inspection devices, this paper designed a new grain sampling device by analysing the physical property parameters of grains. The design of the sampling device is optimized by combining computer mode and physical experiments. In condition of ensuring single grain sampling, fixed the structure parameters of sampling rollers for South grains and North-east grains. The structure parameters of South grain sampling roller groove is length 18mm, width 2.5mm, depth 3mm. The structure parameters of North-east grain sampling roller groove is length 15mm, width 4mm, depth 4mm.
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