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Authors: Dong Xu, Bing Zheng, Xing Liang Gao, Miao Yong Zhu
Abstract: The research on the decarbonizing behavior of the austenite region of SCM435 steel was carried out. And the experimental results shewed that the relationship between the diffusion coefficient and temperature totally agreed with the Arrhenius equation and that the diffusion constant and the diffusion activation energy were uniform within the temperature range of 900-1100°C. However, when the austenite reached certain temperature, the carbon diffusion coefficient decreased significantly as temperature increased and its relationship with temperature no longer agreed with the Arrhenius equation.
Authors: Nu Yan, I. Lee, Riichi Murakami, Daisuke Yonekura, J. Sun, Satoshi Fukui
Abstract: The effect of plasma radical nitriding treatment on fatigue properties of SCM435 steel in super long life region was investigated. Fatigue tests were carried out using a dual-spindle rotating bending fatigue-testing machine at room temperature in air for the specimens nitrided at 773 K and 823 K for 3 hrs. The fatigue strength of nitrided specimen was greater than that of un-nitrided specimen and the crack initiation mode changed from the surface cracking of un-nitrided specimen to the subsurface cracking of nitrided specimen. Hardening layer and compressive residual stress were formed by nitriding, which resulted in the improvement of the fatigue strength. The stress intensity factor was calculated using facet area in Fish-eye fracture mode. As a result, the stress intensity factor indicated almost constant value, ~ 3-4 MPa·m1/2, regardless of the number of cycles to failure.
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