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Authors: Alexander Syrkin, Vladimir Dmitriev, V. Soukhoveev, Marina G. Mynbaeva, Roumen Kakanakov, Christer Hallin, Erik Janzén
Authors: C.M. Schnabel, M. Tabib-Azar, S.G. Bailey, Philip G. Neudeck, H.B. Su, Michael Dudley, R.P. Raffaelle
Authors: Hrishikesh Das, Swapna Sunkari, Hans Naas, Martin Domeij, Andrei Konstantinov, Fredrik Allerstam, Thomas Neyer
Abstract: In this work, the detection and characterization of various crystal defects in high doped silicon carbide by photoluminescence (PL) is explored. The detection of basal plane dislocations in high doped epitaxial buffer layers is demonstrated using the near ultraviolet (NUV) spectra. Several characteristic defects in high doped 150mm substrates like grain boundaries and screw dislocations are also detected and characterized using the NUV PL spectra. Further characterization using molten potassium hydroxide etching is presented.
Authors: Vladimir Vdovin, Oleg Vyvenko, Evgenii Ubyivovk, Oleg Kononchuk
Abstract: Structures of Si(001) hydrofillic bonded wafers have been studied by transmission electron microscopy. Model of three-fold nods generation during interaction of intersecting mixed and screw dislocations has been suggested and applied to analyze geometrical features of dislocation networks. Possible mechanisms of dislocation generation at the interface between Si bonded wafers are discussed.
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