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Authors: Hua Bai, Jia Wu Li
Abstract: A narrow steel truss girder suspension bridge was designed for pedestrian and livestock in pasture in Xinjiang Province, China. For the complex wind climate at bridge site, the cautious designers resorted to wind tunnel test to confirm the aerodynamic stability of the bridge. The analysis and results from wind tunnel test conducted in Chang’an Wind Tunnel Laboratory indicated the original scheme must be changed considerably to improve the aerodynamic stability under action of wind. Considering the shape feature of Siudirgol Bridge and its geographical location, section model with such mitigation measures as auxiliary cables and central buckles were re-tested in wind tunnel joint with analysis. The auxiliary cables and central buckles can increase considerably the fundamental frequency of the bridge and hence the critical wind speed of flutter.
Authors: Cheng Qi Wang, Zheng Liang Li, Zhi Tao Yan
Abstract: By means of wind tunnel tests on the sectional models of Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge, some important results are obtained, including the aerostatic force coefficients with the changing of attack angles, and eight flutter derivatives for the bridge deck. The wind-resistant behavior of the bridge is evaluated.
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