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Authors: Wen Li, Zai Wen Liu, Ji Ping Xu
Abstract: In order to monitor residential quarter security intelligently this paper designed a remote control system based on ZigBee wireless sensor network and Ethernet. According to monitor requirements about environment parameters and low energy consumption the system used 16 unit SPCE061A and 32 unit SPCE3200 separately as a key controller in sensor node and coordinator node. With the help of UZ2400 and Ethernet controller ENC28J60, it established a star network conforming to ZigBee standard and realized the functions of real-time acquisition collection, wireless remote transmission and communication on microcomputer. By collecting the information of temperature, water level, gas concentration and infrared warning the remote monitor center can know well the whole quarter safety conditions. It introduced the system structure and the designs of hardware and software. The experimental result shows that the system has high reliability, excellent real-time characteristic, extensibility and favorable apply foreground.
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