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Authors: Raffaello Bartelletti, Gabriele Fiorentino, Giuseppe Lanzo, Davide Lavorato, Giuseppe Carlo Marano, Giorgio Monti, Camillo Nuti, Giuseppe Quaranta, Fabio Sabetta, Nunziante Squeglia
Abstract: The most recent studies about the seismic behavior of the leaning Tower of Pisa that consider the soil-foundation-structure interaction date back to twenty years ago. From 1999 to 2001, the foundation of the monument was consolidated by means of under-excavation and the "Catino" at the basement was rigidly connected to the foundation. Meanwhile, significant progresses have been made in the field of earthquake engineering. Therefore, the need exists to assess the dynamic behavior of the Tower in light of the novelties occurred in the past decades. In the present study, the mechanical characteristics of the foundation have been calibrated comparing the outcomes of the experimental dynamic monitoring with the results of the finite element analysis performed on a simple but effective model. The scenario earthquakes for return periods equal to 130 years and 500 years are also presented.
Authors: T. Lokajícek, R. Prikryl, V. Rudajev
Authors: Bo Yan Liu, Wen Hao Shen, Bao Ping Shi
Abstract: In recent years, numerical simulation of strong ground motion has been well developed with the progress of earthquake science, and it has become an important approach to estimate strong ground motion. In this research, we improve the original program of EXSIM and the modified program named MEXSIM to calculate the Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) and Peak Ground Velocity (PGV) which is essential for seismic hazard assessment of Hengshui area. Considering the impact of V30 (the average shear-velocity down to 30 m) we calculate the impact of two scenario earthquakes from the rupture processes of Hengshui fault and Qianmotou fault. Comparing to Qianmotou scenario earthquake, if the instability fault is Hengshui fault, the PGA and PGV could be 200-360gal and 20-35cm/s respectively in Hengshui city.
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