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Authors: George G. Totir, Mahmoud Khojasteh, Ronald Nunes, Emanuel I. Cooper, Matthew Kern, Kim van Berkel, Makonnen Payne, Ronald Dellaguardia, Bang To, Siegfried Maurer
Abstract: An all-wet process based on a novel chemistry has been developed to enable the removal of high-dose implanted photoresist in the presence of exposed metal layers and other materials typical of advanced gate stacks.
Authors: Jun Yang, Chun Chu, Biao Deng, Sai Liang Ding, Guang Hui Wang, Yong Zhang, Zhi Hua Quan
Abstract: Abstract Objective To testify the special cytotoxicity of TGF-alpha-SAP on proliferating vascular smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells. Methods Conjugation of saporin to TGF-alpha was accomplished after derivatization of saporin and TGF-alpha with N-succinimidyl-3 (2-pyridyldithio) proprionate and final purification of the conjugate was achieved within Eppendorf Centrifugal Filter Cytotoxicity assays were measured by cell count. The studies of influence of TGF-alpha-SAP on values of Thymidine and leucine incorporation into SMCs and ECs were measured by 3H-thymidine uptake and 3H-leucine uptake, respectively. and receptor competition studies of TGF-alpha-SAP are measured by adding excess TGF-alpha in SMCs exposed for TGF-SAP. Results Cytotoxicity assays testified TGF-alpha-SAP conjugate could inhibit remarkably proliferation of SMCs in culture. The values of thymidine of TGF-alpha-SAP group (10-9M and 10-7M) in comparison significantly decreased to 60.9% and 56.0% of the control group respectively, suggesting that cellular DNA synthesis obviously decreased as TGF-alpha-SAP was added. But Saporin did not affect cellular DNA synthesis at higher level. The rate of 3H-leucine incorporation of TGF-alpha-SAP group significantly decreased to 47.3% of the control group, suggesting that SMCs protein synthesis obviously decreased as TGF-alpha-SAP was added. But TGF-alpha-SAP at the same level did not affect DNA synthesis and protein synthesis of ECs compared with the control group. Conclusion The results indicated that TGF-alpha-SAP possesses the more effective cytotoxicity than Saporin and the more special citotoxicity on proliferating vascular smooth muscle cells than on proliferating endothelial cells. Key words:cytotoxicity;selective; Drug-eluting stents;proliferation;saporin
Authors: Maria Elisavet Kouli, Angelo Ferraro, Panagiota Tselou, Evangelos Hristoforou
Abstract: Desalination can be carried out in water to remove any salt. The process takes place after tertiary treatment of municipal and industrial waste water as a final treatment before discharge to the recipient. The desalination of seawater using Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) technique is now a tried and proven technology that can provide high-quality water supply. The resulting from R.O. water is not suitable for drinking. The method proposed in this paper is selected desalination via zeolitic micro-particles. The method exhibits some significant advantages such as the easy recovery and reuse of powders (with negligible losses during the release process of trapped ions in liquid solution), the selective removal of ions and the ability of producing directly potable water without the need for further enrichment.
Authors: Yue Tao, Ze Wu
Abstract: The work mainly by the front level attenuator, the LC tuned amplifier, the push-pull output stage is composed. The first level weakens 40dB fixedly through pi the attenuator realization. Front the double grid field effect manages 3SK223 to make the level to increase the controllable LC tuned amplifier, the LC resonance by double harmonious and the list harmonious cascade way, enhanced the system selectivity. The complete machine gain is bigger than the 80dB, AGC control area to achieve above 60dB.The output stage uses the low pressure high electric current high speed axle to the axle structure integration operational amplifier OPA2354 push-pull transformer coupling output, sharpened the belt load capacity greatly. In order to reduce the amplifier as far as possible the noise and ceases the high frequency auto excitation, this design has adopted the power source filter, the shield, electromagnetic compatibility, the interstate coupling, the impedance matching and so on many kinds of measures. After the test, this plan has completed completely the basic function and the expansion function. Sweeps the frequency source turning on input end after CPLD self-made DDS, May very convenient see the system frequency response on the oscilloscope.
Authors: Rohan Jain, Francesca Cirina, Peter Kaden, Katrin Pollmann
Abstract: Gallium (Ga) is a critical element for the electronic industry, however, its long-term supply is not assured. Thus, the recovery of Ga from industrial wastewaters is important. Selective sorption is a recommended technology for the recovery of Ga from industrial wastewaters, however, selective sorbents are elusive. Desferrioxamine B (DFOB), a hydroxomate siderophore that is known to be highly selective towards Fe3+, is tested for its ability to complex Ga. This study demonstrated that DFOB forms 1:1 complex with Ga and the maximum Qe-Ga is 124.4 mg of Ga complexed per g of DFOB. Further, the complexation mechanism of Ga3+ and Fe3+ with DFOB is similar, as indicated by NMR, suggesting that the selectivity of DFOB towards Fe3+ will be extended to Ga3+ as well. Thus, DFOB seems to be a suitable candidate for the sorption of Ga from industrial wastewaters.
Authors: Liu Fang Zhang
Abstract: Using DC current sensor as current detecting element in leakage protective in underground LV distribution network and single chip processor as central control unit,a new computerized DC examination and selective leakage protective system is formed. Hardware and software designs are introduced in the essay. The simulated experiment results show that all the property indexes of the system reach the design requirements and achieve good results.
Authors: Takuro Tomita, S. Saito, M. Baba, Martin Hundhausen, T. Suemoto, Shinichi Nakashima
Authors: Yan Sun, Song Li Liu, Shu Li Zhang, Jia Hui Zhang
Abstract: A new technology for preparing titanium-rich material from modified titanium material by microwave selective leaching is studied in this paper. The systemic conditional experiments are conducted on the flow sheet and the optimum technological parameters of microwave leaching including leaching temperature of 160°C, concentration of hydrochloric acid 10%, ratio of liquid to solid 10:1, leaching time of 120min. The content of TiO2 of titanium-rich material is 96.08% under the optimum condition.
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