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Authors: Ping Wei Xing, Xuan Min Song, Yu Ping Fu
Abstract: Based on the high mining height of large cutting height workface in shallow thick coal seam and the few falling waste rock in goaf, the key roof can not be supported effectively, the facture mechanical model of key roof was established. The theoretical calculation formula of key stratum fracture step and working resistance of support were obtained by using fracture mechanics. The results show that the fracture step of key roof relate to not only the mechanical character of key roof and the load of overlaying rock seam, but also the working resistance of support and horizontal pressure in key roof. The reasonable working resistance of support and the step of roof fracture were analyzed in 1-2coalmine 51104 face of a mine in Dongsheng area. The theoretical results are well agreeable with the field measured results.
Authors: Shun Feng Zhang, Rui Lin Hu, Xiong Wu
Abstract: As for shallow thick coal seam, the overlying strata can not form steady structure and will break down until reach the surface ground, which will induced large ground deformation and fractures in the overlying strata during the mining. Under the condition of strong rainfall, surface runoff will influx to the collapse pit or supply to other aquifers, and inrush into the roadway through water flowing fractured zone. This paper takes the 4201、4301、4302、4303 and 4401 coal faces of JingDong mine area in PingShuo for example, predicts the range of ground subsidence、settlement and the height of water flowing fractured zone dynamically after coal face mining, with the Flac3D numerical modeling software. On the base of result above and combined with geomorphic characteristics and hydrologic geology of the mine area, the author analyses risk of surface runoff seepage and put forward a dynamic water drainage design to prevent mine water bursting, which offers scientific foundation and data for safety production of the mine .
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