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Authors: Farrukh Makhdum, Alastair Conway, Paul Blackwell
Abstract: The feasibility of combining spinning, shear forming and flow forming processes has been demonstrated through manufacturing of a representative of a hub component using industrial scale hybrid-forming machine available at the Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC). The manufacturing cycle consisted of single to multiple passes of shear forming, spinning and flow forming. The research has proven that the spinning, shear forming and flow forming can be combined using a single machine with a single set of tooling and single process cycle. Circumferential and axial cracking was observed in initial set of trials which were eliminated using a series of experiments. The methodology that was used in these series of trials to remove the cracks/defects that may occur during forming of such component is presented here.
Authors: Wilko C. Emmens, A.H. van den Boogaard
Abstract: This paper discusses some consequences of forming by shear, a situation that is sometimes claimed to occur in incremental forming. The determination of the principal strains and principal directions is discussed in detail. Two methods are presented: using a circular grid (although simulated on the computer), and by deriving formulae from the theory; both yield identical results. The strains assuming forming by shear are found to be (much) higher than in situations of forming by stretch. This affects notably more fundamental studies on material behaviour in incremental forming. The effects are illustrated using experimental data obtained with pre-stressed material.
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