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Authors: Li Hua Wang, Qiu Yan Hao, Bing Zhang Wang, Wei Zhong Sun, Cai Chi Liu
Abstract: Carbon impurity concentration and dislocation density were investigated with optical microscopy and Fourier transform infrared absorption spectrometer in radial direction of large diameter (6-inch) undoped semi-insulating Gallium Arsenide (SI-GaAs) grown by liquid encapsulated Czochralski (LEC). The experimental results showed that their distributions are both “W”-shaped along wafer diameter, which is relatively higher on the center and lower near the center, but highest on the edge of the wafer. The nonuniformity distribution of thermal stress from growth process leads to the “W”-shaped distribution of dislocations in radial direction. The adsorption of matrix elastic strain field around dislocations induces the “W”-shaped distribution of carbon impurity. Dislocations adsorb carbon impurity and carbon impurity decorates dislocations. Dislocation density distribution affects carbon behavior.
Authors: Y.L. Luo, C.D. Beling, S. Fung, C.C. Ling, M.K. Lui, W.K. Mui
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