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Authors: Tomasz Pawlik, Malgorzata Sopicka-Lizer, Marta Mikuśkiewicz, Malgosia Gwizdz
Abstract: This paper describes the manufacturing and corrosion resistance of sialon based ceramics for application in the modern aluminium industry. Sialon based ceramics are characterized by excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures, good corrosion and thermal shock resistance and low wettability, thus this material is suitable for the long term liquid aluminium contact. To obtain reaction bonded materials in this work, relatively cheap and commonly available components were used: fine Si and Al2O3 powders. The specimens were examined after heating in flowing nitrogen for the phase composition and dimension stability. Sintered materials were tested for corrosion resistance and wettability in liquid aluminium. The microstructure of the contact surface was examined by SEM/EDS methods.
Authors: Derek P. Thompson, K. Liddell, Zhengbo Yu, L. Gao
Authors: K.L. Smirnov, I.P. Borovinskaya
Authors: Guo Jun Zhang, Jian Feng Yang, Motohide Ando, Tatsuki Ohji
Authors: Xiao Lin Sun, Kang Ning Sun, Ming Du, Ai Min Li
Abstract: Sialon matrix composites were prepared from a reaction mixture of Si3N4, Al2O3 and Y2O3 powders and reinforced with Fe3Al obtained by mechanical alloying, which also can assist sintering at a low temperature. The specimens were sintered by two–step hot pressing and then characterized for phase composition, microstructure and mechanical properties. The effect of the Fe3Al variables on the mechanical properties was studied.
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