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Authors: Hui Fang, Yin Wu, Jing Zhu
Abstract: Wet chemical etching with dry metal deposition method has been developed to fabricate large-area aligned silicon nanowire (SiNW) arrays. The combination of nanoclusters Ag film with proper interconnection and interspaces (of about 20 nm thick), and proper temperature during etching (from 20 to 80 °C) is vital to successfully fabricating large-area uniform SiNW arrays. Raman and photoluminescence spectra of the SiNW arrays indicated their potential applications in chemical detection and optical devices ,respectively.
Authors: Wen Bin Yang, Jun Wun, Ming Wei, Chao Wang, Chang Qiong Xie
Abstract: Large-area silicon nanowire arrays (SiNWs) were prepared by etching silicon substrate in HF/AgNO3 system solution at near room temperature. Morphology of SiNWs was characterized by scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that morphology of SiNWs could be influenced by solution ratio, temperature and reaction time in the hydrothermal system. The length of SiNWs was about 30-40 μm, and the diameter of SiNWs was in the range of 100-300 nm. SiNWs owned strong optical absorption capacity and could be used for application in solar cell.
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