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Authors: Yi Long Jia, Jian Xiang Jin, Xuan Hao Zhou
Abstract: Building energy simulation program plays an important role in reducing energy consumption for heating in North China. For the past 60 years, a wide range of building energy simulation programs have been developed. However, in China, building energy simulation programs are not popularized smoothly because of the problems such as unfriendly interface, complex usage and excessively specialized. This paper presents a new building energy simulation program with B/S structure. As a collection of building energy simulation and economic analysis, this program can be accepted by the professionals and non-professionals due to its accuracy and easy operation.
Authors: Juan Sun, Jian Ping Xing, Yong Wu, Zhen Liang Ma, Yu Bing Wu
Abstract: In the actual process of navigation, signal interference and inaccurate tracking model can cause inaccurate positioning of navigation. Various filtering algorithms are needed to filter out the interference and improve precision.First of all, this paper elaborates and compares Kalman filtering algorithms and H∞ filtering algorithm, which are both applied in filtering GNSS navigation data. After that, some datas are selected from the vehicle navigation data as the source datas. In the meantime, depend on the ideal model, factors are added into it in consideration of practical application. As a result, the mathematical models for Kalman and H∞ are established. According to the filter algorithm and the mathematic model, simulation programs and their flow charts of Kalman filtering algorithm and H∞ filtering algorithm are all accomplished. Finally, it shows the results of simulation and analyses the problems appeared.
Authors: Jing Bai
Abstract: This paper establish a simulation program about the spiral condenser based on theoretical behavior of thermal parameters used R134a as refrigerant, analysis the influence of heat transfer area on refrigerant performance, and calculate best length of condenser heat transfer tube. The results show that the tread of coefficient of performance(COP) and cooling capacity of the system is similar along with the heat transfer tube length, and the research for the optimization design about spiral condenser heat exchanger provides the theoretical support.
Authors: P. Stoltze
Authors: Adele Carradò, Jean Michel Sprauel, Laurent Barrallier, Alain Lodini
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