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Authors: Wei Wei Ming, Gang Liu, Ming Chen
Abstract: The grind-hardening process integrates heat treatment processing into the production line, reduces the number of producing procedures, shortens machining period and lowers the cost. Meanwhile, grind-hardening machining doesn’t use cutting fluid. So the grind-hardening process is a green manufacturing method with an extending application in future. Grinding hardening is an effective method in machining SKD-11 hardened steel due to its good quenched property. In this paper, the grind-hardening characteristics of SKD-11 hardened steel are discussed, and the impacts on the hardened surface layer varying with the grinding parameters are also studied. Optimization of grinding parameters of SKD-11 hardened steel is conducted based on the study.
Authors: Wei Wei Ming, Qing Long An, Ming Chen
Abstract: White layer formed in the machined surface has been observed in many manufacturing processes. However, grinding has been considered more sensitive to form white layer due to the characteristics with high temperature and rapid heating and quenching. As an effective process to the difficult-to-machining die steel, grinding is widely used in the finishing of die and mould components with high precision. So study on white layer formed in ground surface is significant to improve the product quality and life. In this paper, grinding experiments focus on SKD-11 hardened steel with variable parameters were conducted to study the white layer formation and the parameter optimization to develop the favorable white layer and restrict the thickness of the dark-etching layer and the hot-affective region.
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