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Authors: Rocsana Țoniș-Bucea-Manea
Abstract: SMEs are flexible to changes and may even face the challenge of changing the industry or technology. Although they are innovative, they face a lot of risk in their struggle to win a niche market. There are numerous studies regarding open innovation in SMEs, but few of them get the focus on risk drivers and methods to mitigate it. This paper analyzes the innovation degree in Romania compared to EU, analyzes the SMEs’ internal and external risk drivers associated with open innovation, and suggests different ways to reduce the risk of implementing innovation
Authors: Alena Dankova, Marta Telus
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to focus on the issue of financial logistics within conditions of small and medium enterprises, especially by gaining and using of financial resources by companies in selected regions in Slovak Republic.The main idea of this paper is to define possible recommendations and ideas based on the acquired knowledge for more effective use of supporting financial systems for SMEs. The aim is to eliminate regional disparities on selected area as well as possibility of using alternative sources of financing SMEs.
Authors: Rocsana Țoniș-Bucea-Manea, Mădălin Gabriel Catană, Sergiu Tonoiu
Abstract: The SMEs represent an important factor of growth in both developed and developing countries, into which, however, they face different obstacles in the process of innovation. This paper analyses how open communication and collaboration can help SMEs in their struggle for sustainable innovation and profitable market competition. Based on a literature review, a number of obstacles that SMEs have to overcome in their current activity and possible support to be competitive are revealed. The main benefits and particularities of implementing open innovation in SMEs are presented. The necessity of a supportive business environment for SMEs is demonstrated. An improved open innovation model for SMEs is developed.
Authors: Janusz Wielki
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to analyze the potential impact of utilization of the cloud computing model by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) on their functioning and ability to compete effectively. It is composed of six parts. The first part offers a brief overview of the development of these new technologies and their impact on businesses. The next part is focused on the notion of cloud computing, the basic elements of this model and the most important reasons for its development. The following part is devoted to an analysis of the benefits to SMEs of using the cloud computing model, while the fourth part focuses on the most significant challenges connected to its use. The fifth part discusses the most important elements connected to the implementation of cloud computing solutions. The final part of the paper provides a summary of the most significant conclusions.
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