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Authors: J.C. Boareto, Juliano Soyama, M.D.V. Felisberto, R. Hesse, A.V.A. Pinto, T.R. Taylor, Paulo A.P. Wendhausen
Abstract: This paper compares the effect of using different types of iron powders for the preparation of Sm2Fe17 by calciothermic reduction-diffusion (CRD). Three types of iron powder were used: carbonyl, sponge and water atomized. The results show that, when immediately nitrogenated after the CRD process, Sm2Fe17 prepared from sponge and water atomized iron powders yield Sm2Fe17N3-magnets with a high degree of texture. However, after a suitable treatment with hydrogen followed by nitrogenation, Sm2Fe17-powders made from Carbonyl iron produce magnets with the best quality regarding coercivity, remanence and degree of texture.
Authors: J.C. Boareto, Juliano Soyama, M.D.V. Felisberto, André L. Slaviero, Paulo A.P. Wendhausen
Abstract: This paper compared the influence of the iron powder in the production of Sm2Fe17Nx by calciothermic reduction. Two available iron powders were used: Basf CL carbonyl iron and Ancor MH-100 sponge iron. Both alloys were prepared and analyzed with X-ray diffraction, scanning electronic microscope and vibrating sample magnetometer. The results showed that the alloy produced with Ancor Mh-100 presents a higher anisotropy. The alloy produced with Basf CL has a smaller anisotropy but a higher coercivity. This can be explained by the difference in the microstructure of the two powders.
Authors: Jung Goo Lee, J.C. Yun, Jai Sung Lee, C.J. Choi
Abstract: Calciothermic reduction-diffusion (CRD) method was employed to prepare the Sm2Fe17 powder. By using CRD method, single-phase Sm2Fe17 powders were successfully made and no α-Fe phase detected. And Subsequent suitable nitrogenation treatment after CRD process enabled us to obtain Sm2Fe17Nx magnetic powders. However, the magnetic performance of the powders was below expectation due to their large particle size. Further study on effective milling process is needed.
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