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Authors: Li Feng Zhu, Kai Wang, Lei Wang, Zhan Kang, Shan Li, Wei Wei
Abstract: The computer virtual control method for thermostatic process of sand casting and gas forming tester system is studied in this paper. The system software is designed based on LabVIEW, which includes the design of temperature controller interface, the construction of virtual system and the design of system interface. This paper is of certain directive significance to future exploitation of virtual control system.
Authors: Ya Luo Yang, Run Xiao Wang, Xiang Chen Ku, Wei Huang
Abstract: In this paper, a new pattern of software design was put forward by the research of traditional design pattern, which is based on configuration conception to design software. The application of configuration conception in some software system was discussed in detail.
Authors: Pei Jiang, Guang Jin He, Li Dong, Jie Xu
Abstract: Through the simple introduction of a sound measuring temperature system, the basic structure of the system composition can be gotten. Then the design of the software is particularly introduced. This paper mainly describes the Site Control Part and Monitoring Center Part of the operation monitoring through the simulation of a set of experimental devices. It describes all the functions of the two parts. What’s more, the software communication protocol, fault analysis and software operational testing program are also briefly introduced in this paper
Authors: Yue Yang Yuan, Chong Chang Yang, Pei Feng
Abstract: Being aim at designing a system controller used in the Noninvasive Bidirectional Positive Airway Pressure Ventilation (N-Bi-PAPV) and advancing this medical device to serve the respiratory patients who suffer from the OSAHS, COPD and etc, by using an embed ARM Microcomputer LM3S9B92, the system controller including its circuit diagram and embed software was designed in accordance with the request of Bi-PAP medical ventilator. And the ventilators critical parameters were clearly defined and ranged for this system. After testing in a spontaneously breathing simulator, this system controller may be used to control the ventilator performing function well.
Authors: Guo Qing Shi, Jian Dong Zhang
Abstract: Airborne panel series circuit modules are used to process and transform the information between the aircraft cockpit control panels and the avionics system. A kind of test system software design for the airborne panel series circuit modules using the PXI host system as the testing platform is introduced in this paper. The test system architecture, software design idea and realization method are also discussed. In order to test the airborne panel series circuit modules, whose all kinds of interface signals are needed to provide according to the circuit modules’ test requirements. The most important function of test system is to provide excitation signals to the tested object, while the response signals of the tested object is collected, so the test results can be formed by the test criterion. In the software design, the different test processes are used for the different test objects. The test work can be completed according to the test process, the test data and test results formed in the test can be saved to the database. In the test process, the connection between the test program and database is established. All test data and results are managed by the private database management system. The entire test system uses the top-down design methodology, and host computer adopts PXI system to control the tested modules. The test system has been well applied in project, and its stability and excellent performance have been proved in experimental work.
Authors: Xiang Yun Wang, Kai Yuan Cai
Abstract: The research of software design, based on the supervisory control theory, is an important content in software cybernetics. The existing software model used in the software design with the supervisory control theory is Polynomial Dynamic System (PDS), which is transformed from SIGNAL files. This obstructs its widespread application. Extended Finite State Machine (EFSM) model is widely applied in software engineering field and it may alleviate the state explosion problem of Finite State Machine (FSM) to some extent. In this paper, the EFSM model is suggested to study software design problem. This paper proposed two kinds of software design problems based on EFSM model. For the first problem, a necessary and sufficient condition for software existence is obtained. For the second problem, a necessary and sufficient condition for software existence and an optimal algorithm to such software design are presented.
Authors: Feng Qin Wang, Yu Liu, Qing Long Han
Abstract: The technology of object persistence is first introduced. And then an designing scheme of information system is put forward, in which the object persistence layer is based on Hibernate; Finally, the scheme is implemented by Myeclispse development environment. The experiment result demonstrates the scheme simplifies data access processing, improves the readability, maintainability of code and efficiency of programming.
Authors: Xin Jie Qian, Gui Xiang Hu, Qiu Lin Fu, Bo Yang
Abstract: The optimal design for computer control software is studied. Since computer control software is susceptible to interference during the control process, a computer control software design model based on improved PID algorithm is proposed. The PID algorithm is combined with particle swarm algorithm to calculate PID control parameters, which is viewed as evolutionary particles of the particle population, and given a certain flight speed in the search space, the speed of the particles will be adjusted iteratively and dynamically in accordance with the experience of population’s evolution calculation, in order to achieve computer control software design. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm applied for computer control software design, can improve the control precision and meet the actual needs of computer control.
Authors: Qing Song, Xue Fei Mao, Lu Yang, Gao Jie Meng, Dan Qing Du
Abstract: In order to solve the problem of inconvenience for integration and operation complexity, the micro-flow fluid supply system based on STC12 series MCU is presented and implemented. STC12 has many advantages such as ultra-low power consumption, rich chip designs, high performance cost ratio, high speed, etc. The feeding system mainly consists of mechanical parts, a miniature stepper motor, a micro-stepping driver, MCU and its control circuit. The software program is written by PC to manage the feeding process of the start-stop, rotation direction, acceleration and deceleration of the motor. Both the flow rate and the flow flux can be controlled precisely and flexibly, so as to ensure that the test liquid is slowly delivered under quasi-equilibrium condition to shape into a satiated and uniform drop.
Authors: Kun Qi Wang, Chen Cong Meng, Ping Li, Jing Qi Fan
Abstract: This design is a basic method for testing spring fan wheel assembly and steel cable tension control system. PLC is used as logic control core. Stepping motor and magnetic powder braker is used as an executive element. The constant tension control of the running process of the system is completed. The fuzzy control process of PID system includes two parts of tension loading and damping loading. The method of modular software is used to make the program structure clear.
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