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Authors: Jeong Hee Choi, Eun Jung Kim
Abstract: The success of target reconstruction in the SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar) imaging system is greatly dependent on coherent detection. Incoherent detection appears as a multiplicative phase error to echoed signal, which consequently causes fatal degradations such as fading or dislocation of target image. In this paper, we propose a motion error correction scheme using an in-scene target to compensate for relative distance error between the radar and the target. We start by modeling from a wave equation for one point target, and then derive the complex motion error from extended overall echoed data. The proposed algorithm is also good for the correction of relatively large motion error because it can be applied repeatedly, and it is converged after each iteration. We use the spatial Doppler characteristics of the strong in-scene target to retrieve motion error, thus, we only used the partial spectral echo data corresponding to the strong in-scene target. By doing this, we can reduce computational loads and the number of iterations for the large motion error. We verify the performance of the proposed algorithm by applying it to the simulated spotlight-mode SAR data.
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