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Authors: Vadim Aleksandrov, Marsel Kadyrov, Andrey Ponomarev, Denis Drugov, Olga Veduta
Abstract: The choice of the most effective technology for reservoir completion depends mainly on the conditions for the formation of its constituent deposits and the specific features of their geological structure. This circumstance makes it possible to predict the productivity of newly drilled wells, transferred to the pay zone, as well as to plan the necessary geological and technical interventions with maximum efficiency. The research objective is to assess the influence of specific features of the geological structure of the production zone on the effectiveness of pay zones completion. Facies maps for productive formations were constructed with the help of paleogeographic and facies methods of analysis; a detailed geological and routine analysis made it possible to numerically assess the tightness of the connection between the development indices and the geological and geophysical characteristics of the objects under investigation.
Authors: Yuri M. Baron, S.L. Ko, Jung Il Park
Abstract: In this paper, the new technique involving comparison and optimization of conditions for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing (MAF) is suggested, taking into account the basic laws stated for process MAF. The formulas for the calculation of the criteria for optimization are created when the process MAF is used for polishing, removal of burrs, and other purposes. The application of the technique is shown in an experiment on the optimization conditions for the removal of burrs after drilling using the MAF method. The technique can be used after standards for this process are developed.
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