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Authors: Lei Xia, Jin Yu Hu
Abstract: Specialization refers to externalities of the specialization in the form of industrial agglomeration. We pick up the data of 198 prefecture-level cities of China during the years 2007-2009 from the view of the effects of spillover of technology, in order to calculate the specialization index and analyze its features, and finally we study on the data to find out how specialization and diversity can make a contribution to the innovation of civil technology theoretically and practically and make suggestions on the corresponding policies as well. The results suggest that:(1) The relatively specialized industries in the cities of China is stable, and the specialization index of the cities who possess abundant natural resources such as the industries of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and mining is even higher, meanwhile the capital cities own a higher diversity index. (2) Both of educational expense and GDP affect the innovation of urban technology positively and significantly.
Authors: Hong Yan Ding, Yuan Liu
Abstract: Since the generation of prestressed concrete, the causes for losses of prestress have been always analyzed and studied and many achievements are made. However, as the losses of prestress result from many factors, it is very complicated to calculate various losses of prestress accurately. The formulas and methods used in the concrete codes of various countries for calculation of prestress losses vary according to their different purposes. This paper focuses on US code ACI 318-05, Eurocode EN 1992-1-1 and Chinese code GB 50010-2010 (the code for design of concrete structures), and carries out a comparative analysis in terms of losses of prestress for the three codes above.
Authors: Li Zhang
Abstract: Reasonably determining the width of the harbor channel is one of the key issues of waterway design. This paper compares with the domestic and international relevant provisions for determining the channel width, summarizes the main factors of affecting the channel width, and takes the proposed 250,000 ton waterway of Panjin Harbor waterway for example, calculates and analyzes the differences of each specification, and points out the shortcomings of the domestic existing norms of our country and gives out recommendations.
Authors: Hai Xu Zhao, Da Wei, Liang Dong Qu, Dong Chen, Bo Hao
Abstract: In order to detect the fault of automotive Electronic Control Units. In this paper, we proposed and implemented Controller Area Network (CAN) node management mechanism in the light of CAN technology standards and OSEK / VDX specifications. Besides, the standard protocols for analyzing low-speed CAN network application messages and monitoring network management messages had been developed. We utilized the vehicle network remote fault diagnosis platform and CAN analysis tool ZLGCANTEST to test the CAN data and analyze its real-time monitoring state. The experiment results indicate that CAN node management is capable of rapidly completing node fault detecting and promptly report node fault information for vehicle network remote fault diagnosis.
Authors: Yan Hui Liu, Tao Liang
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to follow the strategy of sustainable development of city comprehensive transport hub request, based on the public security construction principle, frame integrated transport hub construction organization design process.
Authors: S. Rajalingam
Abstract: The author wants to use a case study to investigate the injection moulding machine parameters which will affect the horizontal length dimension of a plastic component used in digital camera. Currently the injection moulding machine process setting caused variations in the diameter exceeding the specification limit. Therefore the experiment is needed to identify the process factors that could be set to maintain the horizontal length dimension closest to the target value and smallest possible variation. The experimental model is used to investigate four factors to identify the factors having large effect by using the Full Factorial Design of Experiment (DOE). The experiment has emphasized the use of these designs in identifying the subset of factors that are active and provide some information about the interaction.
Authors: Paul W. Mertens, Simone Lavizzari, Stefano Guerrieri
Abstract: CMOS image sensors can suffer from background noise in absence of any light. In order to suppress this it is important to keep this noise, referred to as dark-current low. This implies that the internal generation current should be very low. Trace metal impurities have been reported to increase the generation current. In this study the trap-assisted generation current contributions due to 7 different metal impurities have been calculated. It was concluded that Cu and Mn impurities yield the highest generation current contribution.
Authors: Hong Mu, Xin Lu
Abstract: When an enterprise produces school uniforms, it often takes the clothing specification and size based on the students’ height and weight as the basic information. This kind of method relys on the experience, it is difficult to meet the developing requirement of clothing digitization. This paper analyzes characteristics of the male university students’ bodies in Liaoning area, based on the survey of 270 university students’ bodies, in which 15 body measures were taken. The body characteristics and the data distribution of these people were obtained according to the national clothing size standard. Through the regression analysis of the body height to 4 lengths, such as the cervical vertebral height, the sleeve length and so on, and the chest girth to 8 girths, the key measures are obtained and the regression equation is established. The multivariate analysis based on the height and the weight proves that the waist girth is mostly influenced. Through the regression equation of the waist girth to the height and the body weight, the influence of body weight change on the waist girth with a certain height can be obtained, and the chest girth and the hip girth as well. It’s helpful to determine the size specification of the school uniform. This research also provides a reference to digitizing of the clothing design and manufacture.
Authors: Dong Lei Chen, Xiao Hui Xu
Abstract: This paper shows the technical standards for distributed resources interconnected with grid in China and the other countries all over the world. For USA, the technical standards about DR interconnection with grid is IEEE 1547 series of standards, which include requirements of connection, testing, monitoring, information exchange, island operation and so on for DR. In international, IEEE standards are the main technical specifications for DR, and it has IEC 61850, IEC 63547, IEC 1727 and so on. But in China, the technical standards for DR are mainly composed by enterprise standard. Comparing with the standards in other countries, the standards of DR in China are not perfect.
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