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Authors: Ying Tang Zhang, Hua Wa Yu, Qiu Ping Wang, Guang Xi Zhou, Jun Fang Wu
Abstract: The original grating is etched by using the nanometer etching function of Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM). There are five grooves etched on the surface of polymer material. The grating constant is 796.87 nm, so the fringe density is 1254 lp/mm. Diffraction pattern of the original grating is obtained on Michelson interferometer. A new method of making original grating is found. Since the Nominal Tip Radius of Curvature (NTRC) of Etched Silicon Probe (ESP) of used Veeco SPM is 5-10 nm, the etching grating should have fringe density of 50 000 -100 000 lp/mm.
Authors: Glenn W. Gale, Takayuki Toshima, Naoki Shindo, Tadashi Iino, Shigenori Kitahara, Keji Taguchi
Authors: Yi Wei Chen, Nien Ting Ho, Jerander Lai, T.C. Tsai, C.C. Huang, S.F. Tzou, James M.M. Chu
Abstract: NiPt self-aligned silicide (salicide) has become a major candidate for the 45nm node due to its better thermal stability and the surface morphology of NiSi on Si substrate [1,2]. SiGe has been proposed for PMOS strain engineering [3]. The relevant SiGe oxidation behavior [4], reaction with platinum [5] and thermal stress behavior [6] are important factors in developing a process for 45nm NiPt salicide over SiGe stressor. These concerns require the review of the current process for NiPt to verify its compatibility and extendibility.
Authors: Erika Kálmán, Péter M. Nagy, Ágnes Csanády, Katalin Papp, Hajnalka Csorbai, Cs. Hunyadi, J. Telegdi
Authors: Yong Da Yan, T. Sun, Shen Dong, Ying Chun Liang, K. Cheng
Authors: R. Ravinder, R. Kesavan, P. Thilagaraj
Abstract: Air quality indices are used for local and regional air quality management in many metro cities of the world. The present investigation was carried out to find the significance of air pollutant concentrations at commercial areas of Chennai. Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM), Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM), Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and Oxides of nitrogen (NOX) were analyzed over two sites namely T.Nagar and Kilpauk in Chennai. Both the sampling stations selected are located in commercial areas. Several concepts and indicators exist to measure and rank the urban areas in terms of their socio-economic infrastructure and environment related parameters. In this paper an air quality index (AQI) considering the combined level of three criteria pollutants (oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide, and Respirable suspended particulate matter ) is proposed.
Authors: Simon Y.M. Chooi, Christopher Lim, Wen Jun Liu, Ping-Yu Ee
Authors: Z.Y. Zhang, Hong Qi Li, H.X. Zhou
Authors: Rui Zhang, Jian Jun Wu, Dai Xian Zhang, Fan Zhang, Zhen He
Abstract: A series of fluorocarbon films were deposited on glass substrates by Pulsed Plasma Thruster. The effects of deposited angle on chemical structure and surface morphology of these films were investigated using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and scanning probe microscope (SPM). XPS data imply various carbon-related chemical components present on the surface of the deposited films are strongly impacted by the deposited angle. AFM measurements show that the increase in deposited angle can smoothen the surface morphology and decrease the RMS roughness. Changes in density of the neutral particle and flux of ions that reach the surface affect the formation of fluorocarbon clusters in the films and reduce surface roughness.
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