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Authors: Kyung Nam Kim, Dae Yong Shin, Hyun Park
Abstract: Sericite has the intermediate nature of the muscovite and illite, which has been used as the additive of the cosmetics, the ceramic industry, welding rods, and other various pigments and the paint. In this study, the characteristics of sericite were examined using XRD(X-ray diffractometer), XRF(X-ray fluorescence spectrometer), TG-DTA(Thermal Analyzer), SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope) and PSA(Particle Size Analyzer). The raw ore is composed of 60.90wt% SiO2, 7.88wt% K2O, 0.36wt% TiO2, 24.80wt% Al2O3, 1.64wt% Fe2O3, 2.39wt% CaO, and 0.83wt% MgO. After sericite was purified, the content of SiO2 decreased from 60.9wt% to 51.4wt%, and in the crystal phase the intensity of quartz decreased significantly. For the high grade purification of sericite, the removal of iron and separation of quartz for the raw ore (sericite), the hydrocyclone were used with the magnetic separator. The content of iron was reduced from 1.64wt% to 0.91wt%.
Authors: L.P. Santana, Dolores Ribeiro Ricci Lazar, Walter Kenji Yoshito, Valter Ussui, José Octavio Armani Paschoal
Abstract: Zirconia stabilized with 8 mol% yttria (YSZ) is the most effective material for use as electrolytes in solid oxide fuel cell. Ceramic powders of YSZ were synthesized in IPEN by coprecipitation route and are composed by fine particles (less than 01μm) with large surface area (~60m2.g-1). These powders have a strong tendency to agglomerate. and it make difficult the compaction process and to achieve a good density. To exert control over the compaction process. the powders were spray dried to obtain spherical granules. Thus the stability of slurries of these powders was studied by adding ammonium polyacrylate (Duramax D3005) as dispersant and the suspension stability was measured by electrophoretic mobilities. Slurries prepared with the better conditions were dried in a laboratory scale spray dryer. The prepared granules were characterized by morphology observation (SEM). surface area (BET). Vickers hardness and sintered ceramics bodies density were measured.
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